How to implement a responsible digital policy in your company – Impact / CSR

A responsible digital decision isn’t something that can be put on and off, it’s something permanent. These are consistent iterations that will improve the eco-responsible and socially responsible side of companies using digital technology a little more every day.

First of all, it is important to know who to contact for responsible digital work.

Get to know the users

Can be digital for human resources and for digital colleagues. They are not the same systems. The system may be completely suitable for the HR department, for example, the interfaces are beautiful and well-designed, shortcuts allow you to perform many actions, but this system will not be suitable for employees. You have to think about this really carefullypersona” that is to confirm who this tool is intended for and the added value to the person in their hands

A concrete example: EVP (Elements of Variable Pay), a digital tool should be useful for employees or managers to enter them into the program, this will avoid double entry or errors.

A service rendered

It should also be the service provided to the employees. The employee will be able to submit his documents and in return will have access to all documents related to him. Employees will be able to create their certificates anytime and anywhere. Careful consideration of the service concept and the people who will use the tool are very important points.

Eco-responsible approach

49% of companies offer an eco-responsible offering according to BDM in 2022 or intend to do so soon. In this approach, the company’s chartereco-responsibility can be set up with partners who manage servers and commit to a process green. Some are committed to protecting and meeting the collective future environmental challenges To be climate neutral in all its global operations by 2030.

Act on areas for improvement

Companies that use digital technology use computers a lot because they need high-performance, fast and state-of-the-art tools. This can be seen in the carbon footprint. According to Label NR, 30% of discarded electronic devices end up recycled. To overcome this, you can contract with a company that specializes in recycling machines and computers. He is coming collect machines and computers should be replaced as needed. It is responsible digital because it is the reuse of computers that are still working.

Organization and education

Moreover, ease of access is very important in digitization policy. You should be involved in the media talking to people on a daily basis. Since mobile is a tool that people use on a daily basis, it is necessary to have a mobile app from the beginning to ensure good communication between employees.

Self-organization is also important for self-management personal storage raising awareness among employees using various storage media and the Internet, as well as digital technology. Videos that promote the informed use of digital technology are a great tool for raising employee awareness.

Beware of digital overload

According to the barometer of the France Num system, of 2,796 companies with 0 to 249 employees in 2021, 79% of them believe that digital facilitates communication with customers and 59% believe that digital facilitates communication with employees. However, you need to be careful about your digital position: make sure you don’t send too many emails, don’t add too many people to the copy, avoid too many Team requests, Zoom… It’s a real challenge. digital. because this is a completely possible and important drift.

To continue

Philip Bloquetfounder and CEO PeopleSpheres. He is responsible for defining the company’s strategy and ensuring its implementation. It is available across all services, from sales cycles to project management and product design and development.

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