Celtics vs. Bucks notes: Jayson Tatum coached Giannis Antetokounmpo

An NBA season is about the games, the guys watching and talking about them, and the guys watching and appreciating them. A possible revenge after a youth spent collecting zeros, and anyway, a perfect opportunity to drop a kilo. Once again this season, Team Notes will delight you with its inexhaustible imagination as it tries to talk a little about basketball, even on Christmas. A chick?

We expected a duel of superstars, but in the end, the only duel was a verbal battle between Marcus Smart and the Bucks bench in the fourth quarter. The only superstar on the TD Garden floor worthy of his title? Jayson Tatum was so imperious he didn’t even need a clutch. Still, the heralded Giannis Antetokounmpo was ultimately absent, sending his twin brother into the fire and instead getting stuck on defense.

Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum (9): Imagine Mbappe against Argentina, except this time the Blues played 90 minutes instead of 10, allowing the superstar to score a hat-trick to win and prevent eternal regrets for Randal Kolo Muani. As for Tatum, we’re not giving it a perfect score because it’s only regular, but you get the idea.

Jaylen Brown (7): 10 for his brilliant fourth quarter interception from another Jay Brother, 8 for exchanging pleasantries with Giannis, but 2 for Nick Anderson-worthy throwing skills. Now all you have to do is calculate the average.

Marcus Smart (6): spoke to the opposition bench more than some players communicate to their teammates in the game (we see you, those who play in the neighborhood and don’t report to the screens when they’re on defense). That’s neither good nor bad in itself, but it’s Marcus Smart.

Robert Williams III (7): so he missed the start of the season with a bad knee, right? Well, given the energy he brings, it’s not obvious. What about when he returns as the starter?

Al Horford (6): Despite his experience, cleans, game intelligence, diminishing athleticism, and always doing a good job of limiting Giannis (lol), we’ll stand by him because we’re on the verge of saying that Marcus Smart is the DPOY of the man. robbery and Horford should have been rewarded.

Derrick White (5): it’s always a handy garbage time to inflate his stats. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter right away when you realize we’re talking about a player you’ll be guarding the starting spot.

Grant Williams (6): Christmas dinner felt like love handles. On the other hand, at the level of the wrists, everything is fine. A solid 3/5 behind the arc to contribute.

Malcolm Brogdon (5): this guy was voted ROY a little over five years ago. This man turned 30 years old. He looks like your little cousin you saw eating sand, and you find yourself writing cover letters for his 9th grade internship (and you’ll be imitating him saying, “I saw you when you were like that.” very small sure). That’s it, now we let you do whatever you want with this information.

Luke Cornet (5): he came, he saw, he understood movement garbage time Sandro signed against Mamukelaashvili, worked (Georgian brick), gone.

Sam Hauser (6): A buzzy, average value to wrap up the first quarter. And we can add a full stop because we have his name, title and date on the copy.

Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo (5): We often see the Greek dominate even in a head-to-head duel against another superstar in the League. In the place of the Bulls, the next opponents of the Bucks, we would tremble strongly.

Jrue Holiday (6): he kept as long as he could in the barracks, assuming the role of lieutenant (23 points). All around, it was hard to watch.

Khris Middleton (unrated): Like Colonel Rayel, he always has problems with his knee, missing such an important element does not necessarily help the performance.

Brook Lopez (5): to protect the circle with this cool baobab physics moves and touch to score near the basket. On the other hand, salsa dancing like a flame driver In defense, this belief is a bit problematic in my opinion.

Grayson Allen (5): just for the phrase “Grayson Allen drove a tomar in Robert Williams III” he deserves an average grade, but hey, given the loss, it’s hard to go any higher.

Bobby Portis (4): Even when Marcus Smart gets grilled on the Daims bench, Bobby just watches Thanasis Antetokounmpo and George Hill stand up to him. Where did the real Bobby Portis go? As Drake said, So far, gone.

Pat Connaughton (4): That may seem harsh given his overall fairly solid performance, but in Middleton’s absence, the comparison hurts. What happened to the three-time All-Star? As Drake said, Nothing was the same.

Joe Ingles (5): The advantage of not being athletic at all is that when you do crossovers, it hardly affects your game because it’s never your strength. Joe makes Joe come back, there’s a way for him to be useful for the future.

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