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Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world and one of the reasons for this is the number of features it offers. As if that wasn’t enough, Google’s browser also has an extensive catalog of extensions that make users’ lives easier. These small programs offer the ability to add additional options to the browser. With their help, you can remove ads or download videos from the Internet with the touch of a button.

Check out some Chrome extensions to help you with your business below.

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension (also called a plug-in) is a small program installed in a browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.). It is usually quite small in size (no more than 1MB). You must install the VPN download before using it. Extensions are very different. They can range from simple shortcuts, to malware guards or download accelerators. They also include advertisements, screenshots, mail notifications, etc. they can block. The possibilities are almost endless.

Installing a Chrome extension usually adds a small button to the top bar of the browser next to the address bar. However, this is not a mandatory feature of extensions. Sometimes you don’t notice a difference in the browser’s appearance when an extension like Images is added. To install extensions in the browser, you need to visit the appropriate extension stores. Because browser extensions are not compatible with each other. That is, the Firefox extension will not work in Google Chrome and vice versa.

What are Google extensions?

From simple automatic updates to recording actual (more or less complex) macros, Chrome is the browser with the most useful extensions for a reason. To fully use this browser, you need to download VeePN for Chrome. Which Chrome extension to choose to make life easier for your business?

Chromium Browser Automation (CBA)

AMB a chrome extension Although it is quite simple to use, it is a more reliable aid if you intend to avoid repetitive actions.

Its main functions are:

● Registration

This allows you to record what you are doing.

● Reading

CBA repeats what was previously recorded.

● Injection

Here, developers or apprentices can have fun creating one meme chrome extension. In fact, the functionality of CBA can be greatly extended by including scripts. This is one of the many special actions this extension allows for those more familiar with macros.


Kantux is one of the most reliable and powerful tools of its kind (at least among free tools). You can install a free trial to use it safely. KantuX can interact with almost any website. This powerful tool also supports those with special languages ​​like AJAX, Flash or JavaScript. Other notable features of KantuX include high compatibility with Chrome core. It is compatible with MS Excel and also has the ability to auto-fill forms.


KantuX is not bad, but you want to go further? If you are installing a vpn extension for the first time, iMacros may be for you. iMacros is an extremely powerful utility that can automatically extract data from websites. Also, it can fully automate form filling on multiple pages at once.

iMacros is capable of other functions such as web scripting, data mining, and web testing. It is also the only automation software that can fill out multi-page forms. It is data extraction that is the strong point of what is offered by this extension. iMacros can extract data from web pages and directly populate an Excel sheet with them. For example, these functions are ideal if you want to compare the prices of raw materials between online stores.

Universal automation

The extensions analyzed so far cover the topic of 360-degree automation. Universal Automation only performs one type of action, but it does it in the best way possible. With VeePN will work more efficiently on your computer. The specialty of this plugin is job search. Universal Automation does everything itself instead of doing individual searches in various specialized search engines.

The big downside to this extension is that it works more in English than anything else, at least so far. If you work in networking and don’t mind chewing your tongue, this can still be very interesting.

The result

You need to follow a trick to use these extensions easily. This tip involves downloading a VPN that will allow you to save your data. In addition, it will provide access to closed, free and secure content on the Internet. A VPN will also expand the list of countries and audiences it will serve you.

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