the government tightens a clause, Nupes shouts

AFP/Twitter In the unemployment insurance draft decree, Nupes howls because of a provision that drastically reduces the duration of unemployment benefits.


In the unemployment insurance draft decree, Nupes howls because of a provision that drastically reduces the duration of unemployment benefits.

POLITICS – A nasty Christmas surprise. On Friday, December 23, the Ministry of Labor sent social partners a draft decree on the new unemployment insurance reform, which envisages a 40 percent reduction in the period of compensation with the unemployment rate below 6% (compared to the current 7.3%). % and not 25%.

It is stated in the presentation sheet of the order that “ the terms of application of this provision are referred to the decision made after consultation in the State Council” with social partners, according to a document consulted by the AFP and initially released by the AEF agency.

The problem is that the social partners ensure that this new provision is not negotiated with them above. Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt vaguely hinted at the possibility of a tightening, but on unemployment below “ 5% »that is, the level at which we can speak full employment”. Unions and elected Nupes expressed their anger.


“Santa Claus is Trash 2”he wrote on his Twitter account with a link to the article by Fabien Roussel, the leader of the communists The world who discloses the information. “Merry Christmas everyone!!! Except for the members of the government, who prepared a great gift for the French this year: a 40% reduction in the duration of unemployment benefits. LFI deputy Alma Dufour was outraged.

Like them, environmentalist Sandra Regol condemned the draft decree: “Shoot the weakest, sit on democratic votes… the method, the mantra. Climate, unemployment, pension… In January, we will mobilize for our rights with the call of youth movements. » His message echoes that of CFDT’s Laurent Berger “blatant infidelity” of the government that does not let “This issue is in consultation with social partners”.

“It’s a hunter government!” Unemployment insurance reform 1 reduced excess compensation by an average of 16% (and as much as 50%). 40% reduction in compensation time now! »PS boss Olivier Faure was also angry. “It’s just shameful and unfair” added Socialist MP Roger Vicot.

“Doing it cunningly on December 23 proves that their conscience is not clean” is also provided The world Jean-Francois Foucard, Confederal Secretary of the CFE-CGC. “The government is sitting on a little more cooperation. This is unacceptable.” he added Denis Gravouil is in charge of the file at CGT.

Reduction of compensation period in February 2023

The text doesn’t just offer surprises. It also – as the government announced when it introduced the reform at the end of November – provides a 25% reduction in the compensation period for all jobseekers who open unemployment insurance rights in the metropolis from February 1.

As the document for job seekers who saw their compensation period reduced in February announced, “ end of rights » if the situation in the labor market worsens, if unemployment exceeds 9% or if it increases by 0.8 percentage points or more during the quarter.

The text also confirms that some populations were excluded from the reforms, such as entertainment workers, fishermen or dock workers.

About” bonus Malus” The text on the unemployment insurance contribution for companies in seven sectors that are large consumers of secure contracts (accommodation and catering, transport, etc.) The first modulation, which started on September 1, 2022, extends until August 31, 2023.

It sets a second period from September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2024, by rehabilitating companies hit hard by the health crisis.

The draft decree, consisting of 12 articles, was sent to the members of the National Commission for Collective Bargaining, Employment and Vocational Education (CNNCEFP) for an advisory opinion. They will review the text on January 10. The decree expires on December 31, 2023, and the social partners must negotiate new rules by January 1, 2024.

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