Six months after entering the government, these ministers are still unknown to the French

Six months after taking office, according to the Odoxa survey, the ministers of the Born government are not known or poorly known by the French.

Do you know Isabelle Rome, Olivia Grégoire, Marc Fesneau or Rima Abdul-Malak? Like the majority of the French, you are unaware that these people are ministers of the republic, members of the government of Borne for six months, and respectively ministers for gender equality; SMEs, crafts and tourism; Agriculture; and Culture… Fewer than 30% of French people recognize these political figures, according to an Odoxa poll for Le Figaro and Backbone published on Friday. It is often said that politics is cruel, and even the French you serve do not even know who you are. And yet, Odoxa tested only 16 ministers, 6 deputy ministers and 1 state secretary.

Sonia Backès (Citizenship), Laurence Boone (Europe), Chrysoula Zacharopoulou (Francophonie), Sarah El Haïry (Youth), Patricia Mirallès (Veterans) or Bérangère Couillard (Ecology) do not have some below the order of protocol. not saved. It is probably unfair, because these ministers are working, but they are clearly fighting to “print” on public opinion.

“The members of this government are still very unknown and unpopular with the French: with rare exceptions, they arouse more bad opinions than good ones. On average, one out of every two French people (49%) claims to have never heard of the 23 tested personalities”, Odoxa president Gaël Slimane knows that the Borne government has 23 ministers (17 ministers and 6 representative ministers) and 4. Secretaries of state.

Superstar Major combines fame and popularity

Finally, with awareness rates ranging from 67% to 88%, only five personalities are really recognized: Bruno Le Maire (Economy), Eric Dupond-Moretti (Justice), Gerald Darmanin (Interior), Olivier Veran (spokesman and former health) and Gabriel Attal (Public Accounts). Three other ministers – at least by name – are known by one of every two French: Marlène Schiappa (81% general awareness, 45% specific awareness), Pap Ndiaye (67%, including 44%) and Sebastien Lecornu (55). %, 22% of it.

The low popularity of other ministers is “especially worrying for those occupying important Morocco: in the midst of the Ukraine conflict, the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, is identified by only 13% of French in her functions. In contrast, the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, is at the forefront of pension reform (after unemployment insurance ) is recognized by only 15% of the French,” notes Odoxa.

Fame of the members of the Government of Borne

But fame is a double-edged sword: some are known, but not popular. “Some well-known ministers (Gérald Darmanin, Eric Dupond-Moretti, rejected by 6 out of 10 French people) are actually not very popular… others are real assets: Bruno Le Maire is the real heavyweight of this government in this respect. With 56% popularity. Gabriel Attal, Olivier Veran, Sébastien Lecornu are also to a lesser extent”, – analyzes Gael Sliman. Suffice it to say that the combination of notoriety and popularity could shape the fate of certain ministers for the current five-year term – with reshuffles inevitable until 2027 – as well as the Elysian ambitions of some, which are already beginning to sharpen.

Emmanuel Macron, a follower of political Darwinism, observes who rises and who sinks among his ministers, which does not prevent him from scolding some of them very harshly in the Council of Ministers when he thinks that they are too much or not enough. And when he hears that his ministers are not known to the French, the president gets angry. “Go to the field, get in touch,” he intimates those who owe him a wallet only thanks to him…

Macron praises Borne’s qualities

After the appointment of Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne, her image has deteriorated significantly: -14 points on average according to Odox). The French still judge him to be “authoritative” (60%), “solid” (56%), “dynamic” (50%) and “competent” (48%), but less than before (-16 points). and believe more than ever that he is not “open to dialogue” enough (36%, -15 points) and “close to his own concerns” (30%; -10 points). Following tradition, after six months at Matignon, Elizabeth Borne was awarded the Grand Cross for National Services. “You are a confident woman, you are not a confident woman, and your caution is also the signature of elegance,” Emmanuel Macron told Elisabeth Borne, who was not his first choice for Matignon, last May. offered to become a minister by phone in 2017. “You have successfully accepted the political function,” he rejoiced before Elizabeth Borne, who was not without humor behind the coldness. At a recent end-of-year dinner in Matignon, his staff presented him with the French soccer team’s jersey, 49 on the front and 3 on the back.

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