Bugatti Chiron Profilee, Hyundai Kona, Renault Megane electric restyled… news and scoops of the week

The week will again be rich in terms of car innovations. Did you ignore it? Don’t worry, here’s our traditional little weekly reminder.

With Christmas fast approaching, you haven’t had time to catch up on car news. Things you shouldn’t miss on this week!

Aehra SUV

And we start with a model that maybe doesn’t talk much to you, but is not completely unknown to all of them. And for good reason, this isn’t the first time Italian startup Aehra has unveiled its first production, a 100% electric SUV with no name… sweet name. Let’s call it an SUV. At 5.10m long and with a 3m wheelbase (dimensions more suited to the US than Europe), this big boy has finally revealed its interior. The interior, to say the least, is original, the screen is placed above the dashboard, its dimensions are as huge as the exterior, but it opens only when stationary.

Discover the interior of the Italian SUV:

Aehra SUV: information and photos of the Italian coupe SUV with a huge convertible screen

Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato

Alfa Romeo coupe, we haven’t seen it in a long time. But don’t get too carried away, because the model the Italian brand unveiled this week is a one-of-a-kind creation that will never be mass-produced and reserved for a loyal (and we mean, rich) clientele. The Turin manufacturer has teamed up again with wagonmaker Zagato of the same nation to produce this Giulia coupe with a shortened wheelbase (SWB is also an acronym for “short wheelbase”) and can only carry two people on board. That includes the GTAm’s 2.9 540bhp biturbo V6 driving single rear wheels, where the lucky owner will benefit from the sounds of a 6-speed manual transmission.

To know everything about this Alfa Romeo celebrating 100 years of collaboration with Zagato:

Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato: a unique coupe to celebrate 100 years of collaboration

Bugatti Chiron Simplified

The Bugatti Chiron will retire in 2023 after 7 years of faithful service. But it won’t go without one last change. La Profilée is the name of this latest Chiron, between the crazy Pur Sport and the more “down to earth” Chiron and the Chiron Sport. This model pays homage to Jean Bugatti’s first creation and stands out in particular with its fixed wing that ensures stability up to a speed of 380 km/h. Under the hood, the venerable thermal W16, which will disappear with this model, has 1500 hp. 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.3 seconds, the performances are still breathtaking.

The final Chiron in pictures here:

Bugatti in Profile: we meet the latest Chiron

Hyundai Kona

The manufacturer’s second best-seller in France and Europe has been updated for the second generation without much surprise. As original as it replaces, the Kona II aims to be more futuristic and notably incorporates the pixelated light signature pioneered by the Ioniq 5. As in the previous version, the front panel will not be completely the same. depending on the version you choose: there is the classic Kona, there is the hybrid-only Kona Electric with a closed radiator grille and the more aggressive Kona N-Line. If Hyundai has not yet revealed the smallest details about the engines that will power its SUV, we do know its dimensions. Kona increases by about 15 cm and reaches 4.35 m. The wheelbase follows the same trend and is 6 cm longer, 2.5 cm wider. While its progenitor was compact enough, the newest Kona is now in the lineup and should address one of the older model’s major failings, proper livability, if nothing else. It remains only to discover it closely to be sure. Should be soon!

Hyundai Kona: all about the second generation of the SUV

Renault Megane E-Tech 100% Electrical repair

So, has Renault Megane already redesigned for zero emissions? Yes, it is likely that this revised and tweaked version could arrive around 2024. If its appearance is still very relevant, there are elements such as the light signal in the waveform, which are not present. The Scenic Vision concept was introduced. A study that bears the imprint of Gilles Vidal, the brand’s new head of design at Diamond. The front of the Megane 2024 should be inspired by it, but it will be found in the redesigned Clio and Captur from 2023.

Our take on the redesigned electric Mégane:

Electric Renault Megane restated sooner than expected?

And many innovations in the city SUV category!

Today, one of the favorite categories of the French, the urban SUV segment will be full of new products in 2023. Some of them we know because they have already been presented in part or in detail. , but they will eventually. let them come our way. This applies to the Dacia Duster with a redesigned logo, the redesigned DS 3 (which, by the way, should no longer be called the DS 3 Crossback) or the new ASX, which is only the Captur with Mitsubishi badges. Other important new features expected next year, in France, the Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur, two heavyweights of the category, will both undergo a restyling box. We will also discover the production version of the Aceman concept, the first 100% electric SUV badged Mini. After all, they have been well hidden until then, when the upcoming small SUV Volvo and Fiat will finally show the end of their grille with zero emissions.

Find our next urban SUV topic by clicking below:

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