“Only 3 dreams left to fulfill the promise”, Jeanne Barseghian challenges the government regarding the situation of street children

Along with several elected officials from major cities, Strasbourg Mayor Jeanne Barseghian asked Housing Minister Olivier Klein on December 18, 2022 to keep his promises and house all street children. The municipality has about 150 in the capital of Alsace.

Only three dreams left to keep your wordJeanne Barseghian, mayor of Strasbourg, in a press release published on Twitter this Sunday, called on Housing Minister Olivier Klein to respect the housing obligations of children sleeping on the streets.

On his side, several leftist elected officials also protested the government on this issue. Among them are Mathieu Klein, mayor of Nancy, Eric Piolle, mayor of Grenoble, and Grégory Duce, mayor of Lyon. Together they recall the minister’s wish last September that “there are no children on the street this winter“.

While the extreme cold plan may be canceled by the Bas-Rhin prefecture in view of milder temperatures, the Branly and Schiltigheim gymnasiums in Strasbourg may be able to increase the number of emergency accommodation places for the homeless. the doors. That’s why some children have to sleep on the streets tonight. According to the municipality, 150 of them would be on the streets of Strasbourg.

These announcement effects should stop for a while. The government should implement a strategy to prevent children from sleeping outside“, – says Floriane Varieras, deputy mayor of Strasbourg in charge of solidarity.”Two years ago, Emmanuelle Wargon said that placement would no longer be based on temperature. It still isn’t“.

Faced with this situation, the minister is requested to “triple reaction“. The first “universal emergency shelter plan for all children”. They want toocontinued increase in resources allocated to emergency deployment“and finally,”housing renovation and requisition policy in proportion to poor housing“.

At the same time, the elected representatives of the left want to use the opportunity to remind that “emergency accommodation“is a responsibility”is legally the responsibility of the state“and not to municipalities. A finding reminiscent of the conflict between Jeanne Barseghian and the Bas-Rhin prefecture in recent weeks.

While a migrant camp was set up in Strasbourg’s Place de l’Etoile for several months, the courts ordered its evacuation on December 5. A few days later, the mayor announced that he would bring EELV “an allegation of state responsibility for inaction and denial of asylum to people“.

Although it has already condemned the inaction of the government, the municipality opened the gymnasium in Meinau district in September. According to Floriane Varieras, it costs the city about 80,000 euros a month, which is open 24 hours a day. “The state says it spent 49 million, but families are still on the streets. They have to invest in having a policy to get a home worthy of the name“, he adds,”In the meantime, we decided to keep this gym open regardless of the temperature outside.“.

Despite the meltdown announced this week, homeless groups are still on alert. “Rain is declared even if the temperature rises to 7°C. Do you think it is right to put families back on the street under such conditions?“, protested Cécilia Quintiliani, a member of the collective.”There are no children on 67th Street“. In direct contact with schools where volunteers have identified cases of children sleeping rough, she notes that there has been an explosion in reports since October.

Private donations do not increase, they remain stable. On the contrary, the need continues to grow

Cécilia Quintiliani, member of the “Pas d’enfant à la rue 67” collective.

To fight against the situation”is disturbing“, the collective requires more financial and human resources: “Private donations do not increase, they remain stable. On the contrary, the need continues to grow“, Cecilia explains “High school life? This cannot be permanent. Because families sometimes come into contact with alcoholics, there can be health concerns as well as safety concerns“.

The government did not respond to the requests of some municipalities. Olivier Klein appealed to business leaders to offer their unused buildings to the homeless this weekend. According to reports by Samu Social and UNICEF, nationally, about 2,000 children are currently living on the streets, which has doubled compared to last year.

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