Minister Jean-Noel Barrot reminds that “France is the first fiber country in Europe”

During his visit to the Chateau in Eure-et-Loire on Friday 16 December to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the Campus Les Champs du possible, dedicated to start-ups in agriculture 4.0, Minister Jean-Noel Barrot Representative responsible for the digital transition and telecommunications, in terms of the digital development of the territories defended the government’s political choices.

As France celebrates its 27th digital Unicorn company, do you think your government’s choices in this area will allow us to catch the current lag against the Americans?

As we have shown, since the election of Emmanuel Macron five years ago, France has been a great entrepreneurial, industrial and innovative country. We’ve really come up with these very strong growth companies that we call Unicorns. We surpassed our ambitious goal of 25 unicorns by the end of this year. Now we have French companies whose applications in the service sector are used daily by many of our great citizens, but also Europeans and all over the world. This applies to apps that were used during Covid and are now meant to book appointments with all doctors. In turn, I consider driving to buy supplies or listen to music.

Raigi SA produced five million Butagaz cubes in a quarter of a century in Rouvray-Saint-Denis.

All these applications were not available five years ago. All this did not fall from the sky, but is the result of an active policy supported by the state and the French entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today’s challenge is to show that France can lead in all advanced technologies. This is true for digital, agriculture, space and all the industrial sectors on which the economy of the future will be based. This is the whole ambition of the France 2030 plan, where we want the French and Europeans to be at the forefront of this new digital revolution.

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The Ledger unicorn in Vierzon will open in a former industrial location

Does France have enough fiber to meet your digital development goals?
France is the most advanced fiber deployment country in Europe. We have advanced three times more than Germany. This is not often and is worth remembering. Now we have to guarantee the quality of this placement for ten years, compared to forty years for the copper placement that came with previous generation phones. There are quality issues to be addressed.

At the beginning of autumn, we received a certain number of commitments from operators with the participation of Arcep, and we monitor their implementation every month. This applies to training and certification of employees, distribution of fiber cabinets between infrastructure operators and commercial operators.

Fiber optic: what is the coverage in your municipality of Eure-et-Loire?

The rural world cannot sustain the digital startups that thrive there. Is there a missing floor in the support policy to keep startups in-house?

One of our priorities is to ensure that innovation, technology and digital technology benefit all our citizens and all regions of France. All departments have nuggets. This is an example of a unicorn Ledger that allowed Vierzona in Cher to avenge the industrial decline, as a large agricultural machinery company closed, leaving a large industrial wasteland in the center of the city. These companies create jobs in medium-sized French cities. We should support them.

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