The true taste of Christmas tradition with “La Petite Alsace” is in the Oise

Chloé Gaillard / News Oise (© Chloé Gaillard / News Oise)

From mid-October Alsatian specialty shop He took residence number 9 in Jean-Davidsen Senlis. At its head, Morgane Montaudon, From AlsaceHe came to Oise in 1989 and is “proud of his roots”.

The products are 100% made in Alsace

The door step was a little passed, Nutcracker he welcomes the people by blowing a whistle Christmas songsa tradition dear to its inhabitantsEast of France. The tone is given, the smell and taste increase even more.

On the store shelves, traditional products sit proudly. marshmallow, nuns orange stuffed with Christmas soup, Saint Nicholas in chocolate, kugelhof and stork eggs. without forgetting gingerbread Repeat different flavors: apple-cinnamon, quetsche, honey or mirabelle plum.

Chloé Gaillard / News Oise
The recipe for the pretzel is kept very secret. Morgane produces a few kilos of it every day for her customers. (© Chloé Gaillard / News Oise)

From the side fresh produce, we find the basics pretzel and sauerkraut, There are also lesser-known foods horseradish, a variety of Alsatian celery. And popular to accompany these dishes and quench your thirst special sauerkraut beer or organic wine from Domaine Jost.

Chloé Gaillard / News Oise
A special sauerkraut beer typical of Alsace should be cooked and/or tasted with the dish of the same name. (© Chloé Gaillard / News Oise)

You will understand in this store “Everything is made in Alsace, the products are like a boss,” laughs Morgane.

From food truck to store

As the arrests follow each other, Morgane becomes interested food truck concept when watching reports about this “new phenomenon”. “Food trucks are offered in Oise kebabs, pizzas or burgers. Nothing about the culinary specialties of Eastern France. I wanted to innovate with sales flamenkuches and quiches Lorraine“, – says the manager.

Morgane is renovating the buildings to house her business and Alsatian specialty shop.
Morgane is renovating the buildings to house her business and Alsatian specialty shop. (© Chloé Gaillard / News Oise)

While building her business, Morgane is looking for a place for herself store your refrigerators. He finally gets into the premises at a “reasonable rent” and chooses to renovate it to open shopin addition to food truck and storage space.

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Promising beginnings

Morgane begins this new adventure with a food truck. And the concept appeals. During the Senlis Christmas market in early December, he sold his stock of sauerkraut in just 2 days. “It was supposed to be 3 weeks, I need to order some very quickly,” he says.

He explains it this way: “90% of my customers are from Alsace. It’s surprising how many people are from Alsace or know the Oise region.” Customers will definitely bid when they come to the store new products To Morgana. It will soon expand its product line tea towels are filled with storks, jams, pure juices without alcoholkougelhof molds or dry goods.

Chloé Gaillard / News Oise
At the age of 40, Morgane Montaudon opened the specialty store Alsace. (© Chloé Gaillard / News Oise)

Trade and… pleasure for Alsace!

Oise came as a child, Morgane grew up and review the work While holding his project in the corner of his head build your business. Over the years, the child of Alsace has become less nostalgic for his roots. “Elsa is very beautiful and the food there is very good. I grew up there and every time I went to join our family on vacation, it was like a breath of fresh air for me,” he recalls.

Chloé Gaillard / News Oise
Gingerbreads come in all shapes for Christmas. (© Chloé Gaillard / News Oise)

With a sales mother Alsace Chocolate Factoryand a merchant father in itbiscuit-confectionery His pleasure in Paris business and customer relations it seems obvious. “I was already selling products from my little shop in my childhood room,” Morgan recalls with amusement.

A childhood dream just beginning. Already Morgane is thinking of pushing through the walls…

In addition to her store, Morgane drives her food truck to the Senlis market every Tuesday morning.

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