The “French Tour of the Regions” of Dominique Faure, Minister of Agriculture, passes through Ariege

On Friday, December 16, 2022, as part of the “Tour of the Regions”, on consultations on the energy mix, the Ministerial Representative for Agriculture and Local Authorities, Dominique Faure, stopped for a day in Ariege, Pamiers. exchange around the environmental issue.

Battle at Pamiers agricultural high school, Ariege, Friday, December 16, 2022. The institution welcomed the Ministerial Representative for Local Authorities and Agriculture, Dominique Faure. As he arrived, many elected officials, state representatives, members of the Ariege and Occitanie communities, or ordinary citizens were waiting for him in the school parking lot.

A day after visiting Carcassonne, Aude, to visit the call center of the Department Fire and Rescue Service (Sdis), the former mayor of Saint-Orens (Haute-Garonne), therefore, took the stage in “Ariege” in Ariege. The “Tour de France of Regions” on the ecological transition and energy production and consumption more generally.

“Everyone’s opinion is important”

After a formal welcome and coffee in the gymnasium of the agricultural school, about a hundred guests went into the amphitheater for a moment of presentation, where the minister explained his arrival, microphone in hand. “We are all here because we all understand the importance of reaching our goal of zero carbon by 2050,” he said. to build the Energy and Climate law, which we will present in the second quarter of the year.

After a speech that received applause from the assembly, Dominique Faure turned the microphone over to other elected officials or representatives of energy management organizations. Céline Vachey, regional director of Ademe (Environmental Transition Agency) and Eric Pharabod, representative of RTE Sud-Ouest (electricity transmission network), presented to the audience the research carried out to consider scenarios for carbon neutrality and the energy mix for 2050.

Workshops for exchange and discussion

After the first speeches, one hundred participants went to the classrooms. Divided into nine groups, everyone worked on actions and solutions to ensure that this Energy and Climate Act applies to all citizens, while meeting the goal of zero carbon 2050. choosing which scenario would be best for France tomorrow.

“The groups had different profiles and the speaking time given to each one allowed everyone to reflect on the other’s problem and find some consensus,” said Mathias Laffont, director of uses and territories of the French Electricity Association.

Elected officials, representatives of the state, unions and ordinary citizens returned to the school benches a little and even “disturbed” the bell of the high school (to say the least unusual); no one expected to hear the name “Organized band” from the rapper collective “13 organized”. This created a cheerful scene amid discussions and reflections on the topic of renewable energy.

“Convergence on many topics”

After this thought, thanks to the work of the mediators of Dreal Occitanie (Regional Directorate for Environment, Planning and Housing), a major restoration took place in the amphitheater. A presentation that will then be made to the CNDP, the independent agency responsible for producing the report on this “Tour de France des Régions”.

Many ideas have been put forward, but many have come back. These include improving the mobility offer, localizing production and therefore energy autonomy. “It’s good to see convergence on many issues. Finally, it’s important to unite and talk peacefully, especially on difficult issues like the differences between urban and rural areas,” said Dominique Faure at the end of a busy but instructive morning.

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