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This Tuesday, December 6, at the EPA Nice Ecovallée and Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis stand, at SIMI, Xavier Rousselle, CEO of Isart Digital, together with the Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, President of Nice Metropolis Côte-d’ was done. Azur, a model of its future eco-campus.

Initially, at the beginning of the academic year 2023, Isart Digital will open the Isart Game Business School within Nice Prémium in Nice Méridia, an urban technology park piloted by the EPA. The institution will accept 120 students from the first year, and about 400 students within 3 years. In 2025, it will move to its environmentally responsible campus, including a student residence and a business incubator. Later, 1000 students will be accommodated.

“The admission of Isart Digital is part of a long-term policy that we have implemented in recent years and which aims to bring together all the players of the video game sector (developers, publishers, service providers …) in this prestigious school. “, Christian Estros emphasized on the occasion of this opening.

I am proud to say that the political choices we made in Nice almost 15 years ago give us today a competitive position as a European metropolis with increased attractiveness, while other areas are trying to catch up, both economically and economically. ecologically he added.

Today, 48,000 students, 130 laboratories, 2,800 researchers, 20 international schools, the renowned “Université Côte d’Azur” campus and scientific competition clusters in advanced sectors have chosen Nice and its area. .

It is particularly in Nice Méridia, an urban technology park, and Grand Arenas, a business and residential precinct linked to the airport and a future multimodal interchange hub. that students rub shoulders with the assets of large groups, startups and research centers …

A new student town

Nice is on the map of the most attractive student cities. France’s fifth largest city, it now has 48,000 students, up from 25,000 in 2008. By 2030, the number of engineers studying in the area will double, and 5,000 students and work-study students will have invested due to the location of the schools. Nice Méridia, urban technology park. Today, Nice recognizes itself as a city of talent alliances between the academic world and the company. The arrival of internationally renowned Grandes Ecoles confirms this.


Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis benefits from a mild climate, exceptional sunshine and a privileged location between the sea and the mountains, on the border with Italy. The first ski resorts are only 1 hour 30 minutes away and hiking enthusiasts can explore the many marked trails in the area. Yves Klein, Armand, Auguste Renoir, Marc Chagall, Raoul Dufy showed their commitment to the city. Henri Matisse said: “I could not believe my happiness when I realized that I would see this light again every morning. I decided not to leave Nice and lived there almost my entire existence. »

The city has many museums (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Matisse Museum, Masséna Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Archeology Museum, National Sports Museum, etc.), opera house, Nice National Theater and several theaters. it has cinemas, international events (Nice Carnival, Nice Jazz Festival Biennale des arts, etc.), a 35,000-seat stadium, and its rich architecture invites you to explore the city constantly. Municipal museums are free for Metropolis residents.

New natural spaces are being developed or developed all over the city. There are 180 parks and gardens in the capital of the Côte d’Azur. According to the ranking of the Kermap platform, Nice is currently the city with more than 200,000 inhabitants and offers the best tree heritage/population ratio. It has 42 m2 of green surface per inhabitant, 26% forested surface.

• Coulée head extension. 8 new hectares of greenery will be planted on the existing 12 hectares. Delivery 2025.

• Creation of Var Plain Park: a long ribbon of 20 hectares that will stretch from the Charles Ehrman Stadium to the Allianz Riviera Stadium. Delivery is expected in 2025.

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