Seagate – Hardware Advent Calendar: Seagate will be winning a “Special Edition” Gaming Drive external hard drive

A new door opens for our Advent calendar, this time with Seagate. Our contest of the day features the Game Drive “Special Edition” external hard drive from Seagate.

Hardware Advent Calendar contest: 2TB Game Drive external hard drive Seagate to win !

In celebration of the end of the year, JeuxOnLine teams up with major computer hardware manufacturers to imagine a “Hardware Advent Calendar”. Until December 24 (every two or three days), tests of computer peripherals are published in our articles, all of which are related to competitions, which allow the smartest to win copies of tested products – enough for you to try your luck at the competition. it is the answer to several of our questions, the answers of which can be found in the tests.

Today, a new door opens for our “hardware arrival calendar”. Seagate Game Drive external hard drive. The quiz is below and the competition is available here. Now and for three days you can try your luck, By Monday, December 19, 2022 at 9:59 a.m. – there will be a new test and a new competition at 10 am. Good luck to everyone!

Contest: Seagate Game Drive external hard drive to be won

Come on, we are still embarking on the adventure of testing hard drives. What we wouldn’t do for JeuxOnLine readers… This time we won’t go into as much detail as we did in our WD Black SN770 test: the performance memory of the device is not meant to be the main selling point. This hard drive from SeaGate is the old proven 2 TB external FireCuda.

Big wallet, big (unjustified) spending

Game Drive

Indeed, its graphic appearance is more special than ever: Seagate has been partnering with the most popular pop-culture licenses to create external hard drives in the colors of Turkish symbols for several months. The one we got for testing was in the Mandalorian colors, there are several Star Wars series, Spider-Man or even Black Panther.

We’re not going to hide it, the goal is very clear that the most die-hard fans of the licenses in question are to pocket their own pockets, or to earn a few euros off the backs of friends or families in need. in the family.

The drive itself is a fairly normal size for an external hard drive, especially if you don’t want to move it: it’s about ten centimeters wide, fifteen long and less than two centimeters thick, nothing shocking.

A great device for the vast majority of nerds

Game Drive

Its upper shell is decorated with a pattern in the colors of one of your favorite heroes. Over the months, we’ve seen Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo series, the main characters of Black Panther with the release of Wakanda Forever, or other heroes connected to the Spider-Man universe, namely Peter. Parker (and not Porker, too bad, that would be a hit), Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen… Our tester was from the Mandalorian-inspired series with heroes of the same name, Grogu/Baby Yoda, Bobba Fett. and very nice design by Beskar Kulçe.

The back where the hard drive rests is also decorated, but above the device’s technical data and certifications is a simple logo (which is also understandable, it shouldn’t really be visible).

In terms of decoration, we will also note that the base of the case is backlit, its color changes depending on the selected model. You can customize the color in the RGB spectrum with a free utility that you can download for free from Seagate’s website.

One USB-A port to rule them all

Game Drive

To connect to the device of your choice, the drive uses the first generation USB 3.2 interface: on the drive itself you will find a USB Micro-B port, which you will of course connect using the supplied cable to the USB Type-A port. on your machine (so it could be a laptop, tower, Xbox or PlayStation). The first regret from our side: there is no USB-C support, and cables going in this direction are not provided.

We had a chance to put our sample through a few tests, but to be honest with you, it was really up to the most common standard in terms of performance for external hard drives. The only slightly negative point we could mention was a certain slowness in copying files. Otherwise, it was up to the task in the vast majority of tests: read speed, write speed, whether we’re talking about actual files or videos, everything was average as expected.

Seagate still only offers a one-year drive warranty (which is really the bare minimum when many competitors offer the standard three or even five years), but its data recovery services extend to three years, allowing you to recover data from Seagate HDDs and SSDs. Claiming a success rate of over 90%, we hope something goes wrong. A point to pay attention to potential buyers: depending on the area where you bought this hard drive, the duration of data recovery services can be reduced to only one year!

The result

These 2TB hard drives from Seagate are aesthetic tweaks that you pay a premium price for to satisfy your need for something a little different that reflects one or another of your passions. Performance is pretty decent, but when you consider the price per gigabyte and the warranty being pretty short compared to the competition, it’s a safe bet you’ll find better elsewhere. But would you find it as cool as Baby Yoda on your hard drive? We strongly doubt it.

This test was performed by Myrhdin with the device provided by the manufacturer. Its writing is not the result of any financial transaction between the writer or JeuxOnLine and the manufacturer or the companies representing it.

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