Black Friday 2022: Which SSD or external USB hard drive? The best offers at the best prices

Black Friday is an opportunity to find the best deals in all online stores. Currently, brands are sending out big promotions on many product lines, including SSDs and external USB hard drives. If you want to keep your data at the best price, now is the time.

The safest way to protect your personal data is with an SSD or external hard drive. Whether you are a video editor or a photo editing expert, all your files can disappear overnight due to a malfunctioning or malfunctioning internal hard drive…

If this happens to you tomorrow, it’s better to plan ahead and keep your important data and files with you everywhere so you don’t find yourself in trouble. Believe me, this has happened to me more than once, and I admit that losing more than 200 GB of family photos really hurts.

There are two products that can keep your data off your PC (or Mac):

  • the USB external hard drive (HDD) : that holds your data and often offers more space for less. But in return, the file transfer (between the hard drive and your machine) will take longer. Blame it on the slower write speed on the HDD.
  • On the other hand, we find SSDis a technology that uses flash memory to transfer data faster and with less risk of data loss.

In this selection, we’ll start with the best deals on SSDs, then move on to classic external hard drives (HDDs).

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  • The best deals on external USB SSDs are right now on Black Friday!
  • Black Friday shows great deals on USB external hard drives

SanDisk 1TB External USB SSD -16%

The SanDisk external SSD can hold up to 1TB of data, but you’ll have the option to change the storage size when you purchase.

This model connects via USB to a PC, Mac or any device with a USB port. SanDisk opted for a rectangular design with a small clip so you never lose it. This SanDisk external SSD can withstand drops of up to two meters, but you can obviously avoid any accidents.

Its relatively affordable price does not allow it to benefit from high write speeds, but you will have to settle for 520 MB/s, which is already excellent compared to conventional external hard drives.

If you’re just looking for a safe place to store your photos, videos or any other project files and take them with you everywhere, this model might be perfect for you. Obviously, it comes with a USB-C cable, so don’t split everything in half.

Right now, you can find this 1TB SanDisk external SSD on Amazon for €85.99.

Buy the SanDisk external SSD at Amazon for €85.99

Samsung T7 Shield USB: 1TB secure (shock and waterproof)

Black Friday 2022: Which SSD or external USB hard drive?  The best offers at the best prices

Samsung, the leader in smartphones and TVs, also has an excellent external USB SSD: the Samsung T7 Shield. A shield like a “shield” in the language of Shakespeare, because this model is very resistant to falls (up to 3 meters), it has an IP65 certification for water and dust resistance.

Another main argument is the writing speed of 1050 MB/s, which will allow you to quickly transfer your files to your computer and vice versa.

This SSD is available in several colors from blue to black to red and benefits from 1 TB (1000 GB) of storage. Enough to store your photos and other important files. Tell yourself that this model weighs only 98 grams and fits perfectly in the pocket.

Usually, we find this external Samsung T7 Shield SSD for €129.94, but in exceptional cases, Amazon shows it for just €97.94. Nice to see a 25% reduction.

Buy the Samsung T7 Shield at Amazon for €97.94

Crucial X6 external SSD: 2 TB really cheap in a mini format

Black Friday 2022: Which SSD or external USB hard drive?  The best offers at the best prices

We know Crucial best for internal hard drives and SSDs, but the brand does well externally too! The Crucial X6 is an external USB SSD that can store up to 2 TB of data.

This SSD works with a USB-C cable (supplied) and has a write speed of 540MB/s, which isn’t incredible, but still beats products of this type.

What is most interesting about this external SSD is its compact format, despite the 2 TB it can store. Above all, it weighs only 42 grams, which is very light and perfect to fit in your pocket or bag. Thanks to its reinforced shell, it is impact-resistant up to 2 meters.

Normally, we find the X6 2TB external SSD for €164.99, but Darty is showing it for €119.99 this Black Friday 2022.

Buy an X6 2TB external SSD for €119.99 at Darty

Black Friday shows great deals on USB external hard drives

Seagate’s Portable 2TB External Hard Drive is 15% off on Black Friday

Black Friday 2022: Which SSD or external USB hard drive?  The best offers at the best prices

Obviously, classic hard drives are cheaper than external SSDs, but they have the advantage of offering more storage space for less. The Seagate Portable is a 2TB external hard drive that is compatible with Mac and PC and guarantees you storage of 2000GB of files, pictures, videos or anything else.

This little black brick comes with a USB 3.0 cable that simply fits into all of your machine’s USB ports. With no less than 2 TB of storage, you’ll have plenty of room to store heavy files like 4K videos and even files from some of your video games.

Seagate commits that because the brand is a hard drive specialist, the quality is there. So you can be sure that your data is in safe hands and won’t be lost after a few years. This external hard drive has been an Amazon bestseller for some time and the reviews are very favorable.

You can find the Seagate Portable 2 TB hard drive on Amazon for €59.99 instead of €70.99.

Buy the Seagate Portable 2TB at Amazon for $59.99

LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB: for maximum protection of your files

Black Friday 2022: Which SSD or external USB hard drive?  The best offers at the best prices

As we have seen, the LaCie Rugged Mini hard drive is a bit peculiar. Indeed, the brand thinks of travelers, movers and risk-takers by presenting us with a 2 TB external hard drive completely covered in rubber. The model is resistant to 1000 kg of pressure, so you are sure that you will never accidentally break it.

The LaCie Rugged Mini is shock and pressure resistant as well as completely waterproof. An excellent external hard drive for those who want to protect their data as much as possible. A micro USB to USB-C cable is included with the hard drive, but a USB to USB-A cable is not.

Right now, the LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB External Hard Drive is 25% off its original price, down to $82.99.

Buy the LaCie Rugged Mini 2 TB external SSD at Amazon for €82.99

Western Digital 4 TB: storage device

Black Friday 2022: Which SSD or external USB hard drive?  The best offers at the best prices

If you’re looking at this offer, you’re probably looking for an external hard drive that can store large amounts of data. The Western Digital Elements 4 TB is primarily intended for those who have a lot of files, such as 4K video streams, games or any other heavy file type.

It also has another advantage: its size! Western Digital Elements measures just 11cm high and 8.2cm wide, making it the perfect size for a pocket or purse.

Western Digital is a company specializing in hard drives and file protection, so this model is surrounded by a shock-absorbing protective shell.

The Western Digital Elements external hard drive drops from €100 to €95.99 to be exact. At such a low price, 4 TB is a great deal.

Buy the Western Digital 4TB at Amazon for €95.99

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