Watts d’Or 2022: Tesla Model Y, Fastned and Revolte, the winning trio

From left to right: Alexis Marcadet (Revolte), Mathieu Lenglin (Tesla France) and Pierre Courgeon (Fastned)

© Érick Fontaine/Digitals

On November 10, the Watts d’Or 2022, the first French and even global trophy dedicated exclusively to the selection of the electric car of the year, was awarded. Also added to this category are innovations in electromobility and the best charging network. We owe this initiative to our colleaguesClean Car (Braxon group).

Unlike the AM-AM eTrophies, where the jury consists only of journalists, the creators of the Watts d’Or have chosen a mixed jury (five women and six men) for this first edition and “Composed of journalists, bloggers, editors, content producers, videographers specializing in electric cars, but also people from other backgrounds to broaden the focus and have more diverse points of view”explained project manager, columnist and podcaster Eric Dupin in the preamble of the ceremony. Clean Car and cleaner.


Creators of the first Watts d’Or 2022: Eric Dupin (left) as Monsieur Loyal, accompanied by Pierre Desjardins, the magazine’s new editor-in-chiefClean Car.

© Érick Fontaine/Digitals

Despite some competition on the topic of electric cars, this did not stop the jury – in addition to Eric Dupin and Pierre Desjardins, the new editor-in-chief of the magazineClean Car – including journalists Digitalof Numbers, La Chaîne EV (YouTube) and Une fille au roue blog. Added “user representatives” for example, the French Federation of Electric Vehicle User Associations (FFAUVE), the Facebook group Superchargers, and Dreev, an EDF subsidiary startup specializing in car-to-grid. All under the chairmanship of tech expert Fanny Bouton, who works at OVHCloud and is known for her high-tech Fanny’s Party evenings.

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A general public vote that changes the cards

Three categories were defined for this first Watts d’Or 2022: the best innovation in electromobility, the best charging network and, of course, the best electric car of the year. As for the latter, it had to be the vehicles of choice “Released and sold in France from 01/10/2021 to 30/09/2022”. In addition, these tools had to be “only new models or new versions (line, engine, name) allow them to be considered completely new (Kia Niro EV)”.

Finally, the general public was asked to vote – anonymously – on the selection of the best electric car only, by rating each of the shortlisted vehicles from 0 to 10. The final score took into account 60% of the general public and 40% of the jury. For your information, the latter voted in public and the results of the latter’s voting (several thousand) were not reported until the final count.


© Érick Fontaine/Digitals

Thus, the 2022 electric car trophy went to the Tesla Model Y Performance, the Renault Megane E-Tech in second place and the Kia EV6 in third place. It should be noted that the jury placed the Renault Mégane E-Tech ahead of the Tesla Model Y Performance, while the Kia EV6 still took third place.

Fastned, Best Recharge Network 2022

This is certainly a tough category with at least 12 contenders. In order to decide between them, the jury had to decide based on eight criteria, which were rated 4, 7 and 10 points.

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● Number of stations
● Maximum power
● Shelter
● In-app payment
● Plug and Charge
● Three standards
● Reserve your terminal

In addition, six more subjective criteria were defined, which were left to the discretion of the jury with a free score from 1 to 10:

● Application quality
● Quality of icons
● Quality of support/after sales service
● Location of stations (proximity to services, amenities, cafes, restaurants, etc.)
● Easy connection and charging start
● Number of terminals per station


Fastned France Watt d’Or winner for best charging network.

© Érick Fontaine/Digitals

In the end, it was Fastned France, the Dutch fast charging network, that beat the French consortium of fast terminals Electra and Ionity.

Revolte, the best innovation in electromobility 2022

14 candidates from this category, which are open for applications, sent files. There were no criteria. Each member of the jury was asked to rate each of the candidates from 1 to 10.


Revolte, Watt d’Or 2022 for the best innovation in electromobility.

© Érick Fontaine/Digitals

Revolte won the first Watt d’Or 2022, which awards the best innovation in electromobility. Revolte gave himself a mission “Fighting Planned Obsolescence” in the out-of-warranty electric vehicle segment. His motto: “Famileaf, Tesla Girl or Tesla Boy, Muskiens, Niolistes, Zoéistes, E-Tronistes… Revolte is your banner!”

Specifically, the French company that opened the first Electronic Garage in Rennes supposedly deals with end-of-life battery disassembly and accurate diagnosis. So nearly two dozen electric cars came close to being scrapped, saving their owners from going through the buyback box for a new electric car.

This first edition of the Watts d’Or 2022, broadcast on YouTube, will continue with the next edition in 2023, when the competition will be even fiercer, especially in the field of charging infrastructure.

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