The government has confirmed that no “major” cultural events will be staged during the 2024 Games

Yesterday, the government issued a circular to the prefecture on the organization of major cultural and sporting events during the 2024 Olympic Games. This circular partially addresses the concerns of elected officials and event organizers, who usually resort to force of motion.

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It was October 25. When Minister of the Interior Gerald Darman was heard by the Senate Committee on Culture, “ Postponement or cancellation of all events in France that require mobile forces or a very strong presence of a number of police officers During the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. By the way, I’m not talking about this little bomb thrown by the minister: “ There will be no more CRS on the beaches that year “. This sentence stunned the AIF, which condemned it in a press release ” announcement threatening the protection of public order at the beaches, the watch and rescue system for swimmers and the protection of the environment (this) The association added that: security is a sovereign authority and (that) mayors do not have the means to compensate for the lack of CRS and other mobile forces “(read Mayor’s information November 2).

“Balanced solution”

Since then, consultations have been going well, which did not happen before this announcement. Several ministers expressed themselves to soften the words of Gerald Darmani, to promise that nothing will be done without discussion with mayors and organizers in terms of holding major events. At the AIF Congress, the president of the association, David Lisnard, again called on the Prime Minister not to allow the cancellation of festivals in the summer of 2024. He promised that “ balanced solution would be found and he was” it is possible to reconcile these two imperatives What is it like to maintain law and order and hold large events during the Olympic Games?

Events of “unforeseen” magnitude during JOP

It is stated in the circular issued yesterday Mayor’s information was able to consult, will not be able to reassure elected officials and organizers, because it is during the most intense moments of the summer of 2024, “ no major cultural, festive and/or sporting events cannot be considered.

It must be admitted that the three ministers who signed this circular (Internal Affairs, Culture and Sports) ” the importance of festivals and sporting events that keep the areas alive during the summer months ” and of them ” took into account “. But for all events that require reinforcement ” mobile force units (mobile gendarmes and CRS), the outlook is not very encouraging.

As already said by the Minister of Culture (read Mayor’s information November 4), the summer will be divided into four stages.

The first competition is held from June 23 to July 17, 2024, that is, before the Olympics. Events requiring reinforcement of the mobile force at this stage can be stored “. But the prefects must now “ dialogue with the organizers “to try” contains the means necessary for their safety “. It is recommended by the Ministers to initially plan the events planned later on these dates – this will be the case, for example, for the proposed Festival des Vieilles charrues. As for events of lesser importance, these will not be subject to any special restrictions.

During the Olympics themselves, the gates are closed from July 18 to August 11 (Olympic Games) and from August 24 to September 8 (Paralympic Games): No big event will be possible as he mobilizes additional forces from mobile forces. The exception will be a few days at the beginning of the period, when events that started earlier (especially the Tour de France and the Avignon festival) can finish. But that’s all.

As for events to a lesser extent “, i.e. they can happen by appealing to the “local” security forces,” they intend to stay », « in dialogue with local authorities “.

So, in fact, it will disappear big events » in the heart of summer and the last week of August and September 1.

Finally, there are ten days between the Olympic and Paralympic Games, from August 12 to 23. Roughly speaking, the rule is the same: no reinforcements from mobile units – if it is enough to leave them ” minimal recovery » and the possibility to organize events with only local forces. It differs from other eras in that ” exceptions are defined within the national framework will be possible. This is already the case, the government announces for the Lorient Interceltiques and Aurillac festival. Exchanges” anyway It will also be held for other events such as the Rock en Seine festival.

Apart from the festivals, the ferias (Bayonne, Dax, Béziers festivals, etc.) therefore seem to be severely compromised, at least on the usual dates.

The state’s announcements about the JOP’s impact on the 2024 summer festivals have prompted a backlash from professionals as well as a number of elected officials’ associations, including the AIF, who have jointly sought assurances that the events will continue. .

There is no “CRS boost” on the beaches

The government is asking prefects to hold discussions now with elected officials and organizers to align events to this calendar, knowing that contracts must be signed now. He declares that exceptional measures will be taken in terms of the organization of the security forces, especially during this period. Temporary suspension of police and gendarmerie jurisdictions so that police and gendarmerie can be mobilized without discrimination “. “ other actors “, including private security will be called.

The question remains about the beaches. The circular points to this and seems to go in the direction of what Gerald Darmani says: “ As an exception “The state will continue” mobilizing all available mobile force formations means, for example, the absence of CRS reinforcements in coastal cities. “. Therefore, it appears that the mayors have agreed that they will not be able to apply to the CRS to control the beaches in 2024.

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