the ability to sell electric cars to customers who have never test driven them

Half of Tesla’s sales in China are made through the brand’s website. A figure that could even approach 100% in the US when the firm considers closing some dealerships.

Buying a car today is easier than ever. Indeed, in addition to traditional discounts, more and more brands are also offering book your car online, without moving. Tesla was also one of the pioneers in this field for many years, offering configuration and purchase directly from its website. Since then, some manufacturers have followed suit, including Peugeot and Citroën.

Increased experience

According to a 2020 study Gartner firmonly 1% of new cars were sold online. But the Covid-19 crisis has undoubtedly contributed greatly to the acceleration of the development of this practice, while experts believe that By 2025, 20% of car purchases will be made online.

But some brands are more advanced than others. That’s exactly what Tesla has been relying on for years. So much so that this method has now entered the customs of customers, especially because they generally present more appetite for new technologies.

More than 50% of Tesla’s orders in China are placed directly on the official website, which is an inflated percentage. Does anyone know the interest in the US?

-Chris Zheng (@ChrisZheng001) December 15, 2022

According to the Chinese website IT Houseabout 50% of the brand’s car sales are done online, through the official website. The information is also confirmed by on Twitter Chris Zheng, a well-known technology analyst. The latter was also interested in the proportion of online purchases in the United States.

A question asked by a Tesla expert, MileMileBattery in his comment, he said that this number is close to 100%. However, it is quite possible to buy a car physically There are currently 222 dealers in North America according to the numbers ScrapeHero. Most are then clustered in California, the brand’s former headquarters, as well as in Texas, where it is currently headquartered and where the Austin factory is being built.

Towards closing concessions?

We do not yet know the percentage of online purchases of Tesla in France, but there is no doubt that it should be higher than other manufacturers. In any case, this strategy is working for the brand, which announced in a 2019 press release that it plans to close several dealerships. The goal? Save money and drive customers to order directly through the website.

The announcement also coincided with the launch of the Model 3, which has been on sale for a while in the US for $35,000, while the cheapest version is currently listed at €53,490. Things have changed quite a bit since then the firm still continues to open new dealerships. While developing online sales, it now offers purchases directly from smartphones.

At the end of November, the brand really It opened its largest branch in France, located in Val d’Europe, Seine-et-Marne. Therefore, the openings, which are increasing but do not threaten the release of a more affordable sedan (a possible Model 2), were recently confirmed by Elon Musk.

All this is undoubtedly due to the sales of the brand, which has been doing quite well for some time. In Europe alone, the Model Y and Model 3 were the most-registered electric cars from January to October, despite uneven deliveries due to very specific logistics. In China, on the other hand, the situation is a bit more nuanced, with Tesla ramping up operations to entice operations such as lowering prices and bringing back its sponsorship program, and trying to sell off excess inventory from its Shanghai factory.

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