“Prince Harry has always had a bad experience with spare tire condition”

British royalty expert Marc Roche from London deciphers the findings of the documentary Harry and Meghanits final episodes aired on Netflix on December 15.

We were waiting for the earthquake in Buckingham Palace… Obviously, the last episodes of the documentary series Harry and Meghan finally he did not reveal the best kept secrets of the British crown. Although they scratched the monarchy a bit, first of all Prince William. Perhaps a blessing in disguise, according to Marc Roche.

The third trailer of the documentary in the video Harry and Meghan

An expert on the British monarchy, this former journalist The world is the author of numerous books on royalty, including The Borgias at Buckingham (1). He has lived in London since the 1980s Madame Figaro Analysis of the influence of the Sussexes documentary on the monarchy.

Madame Figaro.- A few hours after the release of the last episodes of the Netflix documentary, how does the British press perceive the statement of the Sussexes?
Marc Roche.- The British press is very royalist. He hates Meghan and Harry and is therefore cast in a much more negative light in the second delivery of episodes of this docu-series than even the first. The British media’s axis of attack is to say that the Sussexes have not provided any evidence for their claims that the palace did anything to spread the leaks to the press.

In this regard, Harry condemns the “unhealthy game” that exists between the monarchy and the British tabloids. In short: avoid publishing certain kompromats when sharing information about members of the royal family. What is really going on?
It is clear that there is an umbilical cord between the palace and the public press. For a good and simple reason: for the palace, tabloids are the interface with people, and even if they annoy the members of the royal family, there is no question of doing without them. After that there is an entity: the Royal Rota (or “royal rotation” in French), i.e. a group of journalists accredited to Buckingham. as a member Royal Rota, you are subject to strict rules: no official citations, no presentation of publications to an official, no approaching members of the royal family or entourage (such as private secretaries) without first coming to you. The only interlocutor is the communications director and his deputies. So, like it or not, there is a relationship with the media. After that, I don’t think the Palace wants to discredit Meghan. And for good reason: the latter was part of the royal family. However, there is a golden rule: the press service is at the service of the entire royal family. So I don’t see how the Palace can mount an anti-Meghan campaign, at least before Megxit.

Scandals, Meghan and Harry: a chronicle of the announced storm

Meghan and Harry claim it His visit to Australia in the fall of 2018 was a turning point. According to them, the media brutality they were subjected to would begin with the push from Buckingham Palace on their return from this official tour. And this is due to their very popularity…
I still don’t believe it. Kate Middleton and Prince William were still very famous. Moreover, the line of succession is clear and cannot be questioned: with the death of Elizabeth II, Charles ascends the throne, then it will be William’s turn, and so on. Last point. Everything else is just Hollywood media hype and the establishment doesn’t care much about it. It’s just thatfun. Finally, the popularity enjoyed by Meghan and Harry has never risked overshadowing Kate and William. I believe that Harry, frustrated by his mother’s frustrations, avoided Diana, who was convinced that she was being mistreated by the monarchy because she risked catching Charles.

Psychologically, Harry has lost his mind

Mark Roche

The final three episodes of the documentary make a damning indictment of Prince William, who has done nothing to mend relations with his brother. Why is it trivial to attack him?
These attacks are more personal than institutional. Harry has always had a tough time in the No. 2 spare tire position. Psychologically, Harry has lost his mind. He is dealing with press attacks, while the tabloids he so decries are now moving forward. Like Andrew, he doesn’t understand that he has no role in the monarchy. On the other hand, I think that if Harry is ever forced to divorce, he will be welcomed with open arms by the royal family and the English.

There are criticisms Solid» Does it risk weakening Charles III?
In Britain, Sussex’s vote is of little importance. I even believe that the question does not arise. Charles III made a start to his reign that can only be described as a great success; Apart from Camilla, William and Kate also excelled in their new roles. I think the documentary, on the contrary, will strengthen the monarchy. There are no big revelations, no single allegations proven, and no targeted accusations. The monarchy is therefore seen more as a rock in the storm and has proved very popular since the death of Elizabeth II. However, I think there is something else behind the scenes: the Sussexes will run out of money and Harry’s memory (Reserve, to be published in January) should not reveal new things. This leads me to believe that he made a financial deal between the king and his younger son. The idea of ​​a monarchy would rather limit them to the titles of Duke and Duchess of Windsor, which belong to the former King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson, and in return they stop kicking the stretcher. . Otherwise, I don’t understand why they don’t expose the blood.

Despite all expectations, Kate Middleton is quite cautious in this documentary. Why didn’t the Sussexes come after him?

Because Kate is untouchable. It is very popular and has become a staple of the Windsor institution. Plus, Meghan is a feminist and understood that it wouldn’t look good to attack Kate. No one wants to see two women tie their hair.

Scandals, Kate and William, 4/4: Surviving Hurricane Meghan

Prince Harry explains that he wanted to see his grandmother to talk to him during talks about leaving the monarchy, but the Palace prevented him from doing so. What role did Elizabeth II play in Megxit?
At Meghit, Elizabeth II, then Prince Charles and his son William performed in concert. There was no way Harry was going to see his grandmother outside of the Sandringham conference (a family reunion right after the event, editor’s note). Elizabeth followed the advice of Charles and William, with whom she was very close, only in her last years. But of course, the queen is active in negotiations. Strategic decisions were made at three o’clock. Let’s not forget that Elizabeth II was a formidable tactician.

Meghan could bring what the Windsors lack: diversity, feminism and youth

Mark Roche

In the end, should we regret the outcome of this story? Wouldn’t Meghan Markle bring a lot to the Union?
It’s a complete mess! Meghan could bring what the Windsors lack: diversity, feminism and youth. Unfortunately, I believe the blame lies mostly with the Sussexes and very little with the royal family who welcomed Meghan. Undoubtedly, by reserving the minimum service, but no less than others – Sarah Ferguson, Kate Middleton… But the mistake of the royal family should not have taken into account Meghan’s personality: American, actress, already famous and divorced. Maybe we should have been more flexible with him. The problem: he landed with the Windsors, where there was no emotional plot. They have a very different hard drive than ours.

(1) The Borgias at BuckinghamAlbin Michel, May 2022, 336 pages, €20.90.

Wedding dance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the video

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