Politics: With a budget of 3.63 billion euros, the Region is going green

budget defined as “Strong for residents and the climate”, intended for “To protect the inhabitants of Occitania and wait for the necessary changes”with strong shades “green”… This can be learned from the presentation of the budget Occitania regionPresented by the President, Carole Delga

“Not growth, more knowledge…” About this budget, Carole Delga announced that she aims to move towards it “Industry, energy and food sovereignty.” In total, about 3.7 billion euros will be prioritized transport, economy and employment as well as education.

Transport, at its heart “Green Pact” From Occitania

Transport (€960 million) constitutes the first carriage of costs, especially the expansion of the offer of trains reaching (or exceeding) 1€. 14 million tickets in 2023 (One million more than in 2021 and 2022).

Carole Delga presented the region’s 2023 budget… “A strong budget for residents and the climate,” she said…

The process will be extended for travel with amateur sports clubs (applies to 17,000 clubs) and school tripslet it be “in elementary, middle, or high school…” Moreover, Carole Delga wishes to move “in all mobility”, Help with carpooling, electric vehicles, cars or bikes…

For Carole Delga, that’s about ita “a powerful lever for environmental transitionalso is in favor of purchasing power (…) Heavy budget, but important…” So between the 2021 and 2023 projections, The Occitania Region will have gone from 25.8% of the costs convenient Where very convenient 34.4% to climate !

Helping businesses overcome the crisis and… create jobs

This is another priority of the 2023 budgetactivity on economic leverage (economy, employment, vocational training: € 518 million), “Support companies in the face of commodity and energy inflation.” This purchasing power and support commitment for businessesCarole Delga is also waiting for them from the state she called as president of Occitania, as well Regions of France.

Recently caught the status of artisan bakersits activity is seriously threatened by ten-fold banknotes that cannot be transferred to the baguette price.

Defense of artisan bakers… Because the price of bread is an eternal symbol! Photo by DR

And let the president remember that many companies are now in critical condition, during the health crisis could not aggravate an already excavated debt. Scared Carole Delga “the big break”informed the Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy about this situation, “This could have a serious recessionary effect on the French economy without their response…”

Occitania is one of the most attractive regions of France (+ 40,000 visits per year) but it also requires luck “Creation of 24,000 jobs per year in the area so that unemployment does not increase”Mrs. Delga emphasized.

Carole Delga, meeting with business leaders, immediately after presenting the budget …

Even if the region is the first in France “For research and support for business and employment” (46€ / year / inhabitant, against the national average of 23€), the cooperation of economic actors is necessary, hence the constant work with companies and consular chambers. But this also requires a strong and specific will from the State…

Tourism, agriculture, education…

To resolve these issuesCarole Delga was supposed to leave right after the budget presentation meeting with a thousand businessmen Gathered at the Parc des Expositions in Montpellier. As he did in Toulouse the previous week in front of an equal audience.

Always on the economic sidespecial envelopes are provided fortourism economy (63 million euros) and for “Agriculture, agriculture and viticulture” : €78 million plus EAFRD European funds : €73 mln.

The third key component is educationwith 387 million euro envelope (education,
leadership and youth), as well as 87 million euros higher education, research and innovation.

Philippe MORET

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