Morocco: Leftists turn to Darmanin after the “ratonnades” of the right

VALERIE HACE / AFP France v Morocco: After the “ratonnades” of the right, the left turns to Darmanin (illustration photo taken on 14 December 2022)


France v Morocco: After the “ratonnades” of the right, the left turns to Darmanin (illustration photo taken on 14 December 2022)

POLITICS – This tainted party? Several elected officials are concerned about violent scenes of supporters gathering on the sidelines of the France-Morocco World Cup semi-final this Thursday, December 15. They scold ratonnades “or some” punitive expeditions carried out by the extreme right.

For example, in Lyon “A group of far-right youths approached supporters gathered in Place Bellecour. An argument ensued and the police quickly intervened, pushing the group back and chasing it.AFP reported this with reference to a prefectural source. In Paris, on the Champs-Élysées, a group of about 40 ultra-rightists were arrested when they tried to descend on the most beautiful avenue in the world, especially for carrying prohibited weapons.

Scenes, some of which circulated on social networks and hurt a section of the political class. So much so that several elected officials, NUPES members are asking Gerald Darman to break his silence… And his ” passive participation. »

The threat of extreme right-wing terrorism is forming before our eyes.
Aurélien Tache, environmentalist MP, HuffPost

I am very concerned about the extreme right-wing groups that are now going unpunished in our country “The President of the Deputies of France, especially disobedient, Mathilde Panot reacted in the Public Senate” It can be compared to the ratonnades against the supporters of the Moroccan team. “In general, says the deputy of Val-de-Marne” worried “potential” to perform » or in any case « generalization of this aggression and these violent gangs. »

In the same spirit, explains his colleague Aurélien Tache HuffPost that ” the threat of extreme right-wing terrorism is forming before our eyes. “We are not yet in a period of attacks and deaths… But we are in a period where these militias are spreading terror, chaos, and maybe even killing” according to the reactions of several colleagues on social networks, the member of the ecological group in the Assembly alarmed the deputy.

Rebel elected representative of Seine-Saint-Denis Nadège Abomangoli, MP for North David Guiraud or his colleague Thomas Portes expressed their concerns on Twitter. “ We witnessed real ratonnades”for example, he wrote the last one and called on the government to react.

The left wants to collapse

Specifically, the left-wing elected representatives are once again demanding the attention of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the abolition of some of these institutions. ” “We have already established a commission of inquiry three years ago on far-right groups, some of which are in the process of reforming, and I am telling you that there is a warning to eliminate these violent and hateful groups in this country.”Mathilde Panot explained without specifying the targeted organizations.

For Aurélien Tache, they are known. ” My group and I have been protesting the government for weeks about the need to abolish these groups, which has never been done. “, laments the parliamentarian from Val-d’Oise, even pointing to a uniform” the silence or passive complicity of the government and the authorities”: “We have the Zouaves in Paris, the reformed GUD, in Lyons we know them perfectly… And the prefectures allow it. »

In this context, some do not hesitate to make connections between these violent groups and representatives of the extreme right, expressing their concerns about the potential degradations caused by the supporters in the last week. “Let’s say Eric Zemmour and Jordan Bardella, who declared that France-Morocco would degenerate in 3 days… You did not tell us that you are talking about your allies with the ultra-right identity that prepares old ratonnades. … More repeat offenders…”for example, he ironized Marine Tondelier, the new national secretary of EELV, on social networks.

Deputies of the National Rally prepared the ground for recovery in the hemisphere on Tuesday.” colleague, the rebel Manuel Bompard, for whom he adds as a thrill ” strategy” far right “It is clear: start a civil war to seize power “, Football ? Away.

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