Gérard Prêcheur before the PSG-Real Madrid match: “The middle is where we have improved the most”

“We imagine that the working atmosphere was positive after Sunday’s prestigious success in Lyon (1:0)…
It is clear that results are the measure of professional well-being. The players are confident and that brings peace of mind.

This Friday’s match against Real Madrid will be double or nothing: qualification in case of victory or probable elimination in case of defeat (as Real face Vllaznia Shkoder’s humble Albanians on the final day). What is your approach?
It is not complicated: we will play to win. We can’t imagine anything else, it’s too random. Defeat will eliminate us, clear, clean and precise, we must be clear. Playing draws is too random, which doesn’t fit my game philosophy and approach to competition at all. We want to win tomorrow and qualify.

“Kheira Hamraoui is strong again as we improve her register”

What do you think of Real Madrid, who you drew in the first leg (0:0, October 26)?
Madrid is a very good team that combines two styles of play, the short game and the Spanish style, which I appreciate very much technique, but also the ability to alternate with direct play and project forward. . That’s the strength of this team.

Kheira Hamraoui has impressed in recent weeks. How powerful and indispensable has he become again at PSG?
He’s re-energized because we’ve moved him up to #6 on his registry, the registry where he expresses himself best. He integrated well into the collective, I directed the tactical aspect depending on his integration into the team. offensive animation terms. Effective so far. We want it to continue.

The midfield looks dominant again. Are you satisfied with its evolution?
It is in this register that we have developed the most. I rely on a possession game, not a sterile one, because I want us to project ourselves and find spaces behind the opposing line. In my philosophy, the environment is dominant, it creates the connection. Glad to see this development. In the short time we had to work in two months, we really made progress on this register.

Dutch footballer Jackie Groenen is still looking for his position in this environment…
He is a player with great professionalism, many qualities and a very extensive register. Such a register can also create difficulties for the coach. You should find the position that best suits him, taking into account his workforce. He is developing well, he came a little late, I ask him for patience. The January-February period will be favorable for a little more detailed work.

“Orian Jean-Francois has no limits. He has no weak points.

Oriane Jean-François (21), who arrived from Paris FC this summer, has taken an increasing place in this midfield. How do you describe his progress?
Its strength is that there are no restrictions. He has no weak point unlike other players. Mentally, he is intelligent and disciplined, retains a certain creativity, it is important that he is in the sixth position. He is physical, athletic, involved in duels, but also has very good technical knowledge. He knows the game well, has the profile for the position as both a torchbearer on offense and a rebounder on defense. In terms of statistics since the beginning of the season, he is the best, except for feeling.

Oriane Jean-François of Paris hunts Lindsay Horan of Lyonnaise during the clash between the two teams (1-0) on December 12. (Baptiste Paquot/The Team)

Is the competition in the middle, with five players regularly used for three positions (Guyoro, Jean-Francois, Hamraoui, Groenen, Fazer), another key to success in this sector?
In my game orientations, we should bring a numerical advantage on average. We can do it. The important thing is to play the best, then I adjust my system and especially the game animation so that there is consistency in the relationship. Excellent in midfield. Now we know where PSG need to focus in terms of recruitment… (in attack).

More than 16,000 supporters are expected at the Parc des Princes this Friday. What inspires you?
Fantastic, great, I congratulate the club, the fans who braved the cold, the ultras who created the mood. Great for everyone. I hope we put on a good show for them. »

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