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MerciApp is a French spelling and grammar checker. The French-origin service has been around for several years as an extension you can add to your web browser.

MerciApp now has over 60,000 users and over 4,000 companies among its customers.

How MerciApp works

MerciApp is easy to download, just add the extension to your internet browser, then create an account and take the plan you want (Free or Pro). Since the platform is in the form of a web browser extension, it boasts compatibility with all online services such as LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Trello, Gmail and others.

This way, you can use MerciApp to easily edit your texts in email, instant messaging and even social networks, whether in a personal or professional context. The tool also corrects you in real-time so you can save time. In addition, it also works with applications integrated with Microsoft Office tools available for Windows, macOS and online versions such as Microsoft Word or Outlook.

MerciApp relies on technology developed by experts in linguistics and artificial intelligence to work. On the other hand, the database is regularly updated to offer a constantly updated fix. In fact, that’s why you can benefit from customized language options, a personal dictionary for the right proofreader, advanced typography options, and even personalized proofreading and progress statistics.

With MerciApp, every mistake is underlined so you can click on the word to correct it, and you can understand your mistakes. For this, you benefit from an advanced spelling and grammar explanation or an example placed in context, reminding you of the rules that prevent you from repeating the mistake.

MerciApp is not limited to spelling and grammar, you can also use the detection of repetitions or incorrect style numbers, suggest synonyms, as well as confirm dates according to the current calendar. Overall, the tool also highlights tips for improving your editorial style.


You can download MerciApp to add the extension to your internet browser, it is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. There is no desktop app for Windows or macOS, but you can use the online service from any computer.


MerciApp is available to download and use as a browser extension for free. The basic version includes many features, but you can also opt for the paid version to take advantage of additional options. Here are the details of various formulas with prices.

ThanksApp Free

  • 0 euros
  • Browser extension (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge)
  • Spelling analysis
  • Basic grammar analysis
  • Intermediate sequence
  • Personal dictionary
  • Statistics

ThanksApp Pro

  • 8 euros per user per month
  • All features of the free version
  • Edit in GDocs and GSlides
  • Edit in Microsoft Office
  • Expert grammar analysis
  • Context analysis
  • Style improvements
  • Typographic analysis
  • Error explanations
  • Language preferences
  • Typographic preferences
  • Shared collaboration area

ThanksApp Business

  • Pricing on request (from 50 licenses)
  • All the features of the Pro version
  • Dedicated account manager
  • API access

Alternatives to MerciApp

MerciApp is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use spelling and grammar checker. The extension works easily, where it can boast of compatibility with many platforms. After that, you only need to run the correction so that the tool focuses on detecting all your errors, saving you time (and reliability in a professional context).

If you don’t want to download MerciApp, you can choose its Antidote alternative. This program is very popular, it has the advantage of being available on Windows and macOS, but also on Android and iOS, depending on the offer you take. In this regard, the tool only comes with paid plans, you can choose a monthly and annual subscription or even an outright purchase to benefit from the platform as you wish.

Opposite MerciApp, we also find Scribens. The service is available on Windows and Android, knowing that it also comes in a browser extension compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. The tool has a free or paid version depending on your needs.

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