are we still modern?

Literature and Politics: Are We Still Modern? Literature / Literature and Politics: are we still modern?

December 19-20, 2022, Multicultural Center – Transylvania University of Brasov

Monday, December 19

9.00 Welcoming guests

9.30 Welcoming speech by Adrian LĂCĂTUȘ, Dean of the Faculty of Literature, and Aleksandru MATEI, organizer of the colloquium

10.00 The micro politics of form. Moderator: Alexandru MATEI

10:00 – 10:20 Alexandra Ilina (Bucharest) Visual and political readings: communist slides and their literary sources

10:20 Anamaria Lupan (Cluj) What is the place for politics in Marguerite Yourcenar’s essays?

10:40 – 11:00 Diana Dinică (Bucharest) The political issue of Quenian neo-French – reforming language to reform morality

Discussions / Coffee break

11:30 Literary politics in Romania. Moderator: Simona MODREANU

11:30 Marius Popa (Cluj) The conflict between the French classics and the romantics under the sign of historical determinism: the critical concept of Konstantin Dobrogeanu-Gherean

11.50 Oana Soare (Bucharest, Romanian Academy) Inventing a genre: the 1960s “suffering decade” novel. The work of Marin Preda

12:10 Rodica Ilie (Brasov) Romanian prose of the 70s and 80s (transgressive poetics) in front of political power

12:30 Maria Ivanov (Bălți, Moldova): Dramaturgy as a form of resistance. Case study: “Bloody Murder at Violettes Station” by Dumitru Crudu

Discussions / Lunch

15:00 My politics. Moderator: Olga GANCEVICI

15:00 Judith Cohen (Paris 13) Barthes and politics

3:20 pm Gabriela Vieru (Iași) Body and women, racism and sexualization. A Subordination Perspective on the Platform by Michel Houellebecq

15:40 Delia Rogobete (Johns Hopkins) Contemporary Biography and the Literary Institution: A Political Reading

16:00 Fabiana Florescu (Bucharest) Prigentian writing tests a new poetic (dis)mark

16:20 Mihai Ene (Craiova) What is a political novel?

Discussions / Coffee break

17:00 Keynote speaker

Christian MORARU, University of North Carolina, Greensboro (ONLINE) “Literature is Politics” as a Post-Anthropocentric Claim

Question and answer coffee break

18:00 Mini-MLA panel. Presenter: Adrian LACATUS

18:00 Alexandra Arsene (Brașov) Svetlana Aleksievichi: Confession and beyond censorship

18.20 Edward Weissband (Brasov) The Politics of Childhood: Autobiographical Works of Leo Tolstoy and Osip Mandelstam and Boris Pasternak

Q&A / 19:30 Lunch offered by Transylvania University

Tuesday, December 20

9:30 Plenary talk Alexandre GEFEN, CNRS & Paris III

Commitment after commitment. French Literature and Politics in the 21st Century

Discussions / coffee break

11:00 Literature: modern and its dualities. Moderator: Carmen ANDREI

11:00 Simona Modreanu (Iași) Where is literature going? Ideologies: Fugitive or Invasive?

11:20 Olga Gancevici (Suceava) Trench warfare today: evidence, politics and literary representation

11:40 Alina Felea (Brasov) Literature, between the poetics of pleasure and the politics of desire

12:00 Iringo Cora (Brașov) Annie Ernaux, 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature: acceptance speech, literature and political commitment

12:20 Virgil Borcan (Brasov) Legitimist Balzac (from the aesthetic political bias of Human Comedy)

Discussions / lunch break

14:30 Translation/Action: the act of saying. Moderator: Rodica ILIE

14:30 Carmen Andrey (Galați) Politics of cultural translation in the novels of Felicia Mihali

14:50 Gina Puică (Suceava) Emil Cioran – the story of becoming “big politics” and its oblivion

15:10 Amelia Stanescu (Constanta) Literature and violence. Is it possible to say everything and do everything in literature? law and literature

15:30 Simona-Iuliana Cimpoireu (Brasov) The consequences of Soviet policy on the life of Irene Nemirovsky

15:50 Alexandru Matei (Brasov) literary historian Bruno Latour: running away or catching up with modernity?

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