A fine of one thousand euros for a large ball of cannabis in the cake of co-workers

“His eyes weren’t really in front of the holes, it was four o’clock in the morning. He got a dumpling in him.”
This was explained with the strongest degree of persuasion after the employee’s lawyer, Me Hicham Al Khouja, was fired from 3C France in La Chapelle-d’Angillon for serious misconduct. He was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Burgess Correctional Court for “intentionally administering a noxious substance in violation of the integrity of the person.”

Workers suffering from vomiting and nausea, firefighters intervene at 3C in La Chapelle-d’Angillon

To celebrate his birthday with colleagues on November 18, 2021, he had made a yogurt cake in a bar and failed to reproduce the correct proportions for the president of the criminal court, Silvie Barucco, who asked him to. .

The initiative of this cake is commendable. But apart from the ingredients of the world’s best cakes, there was a (big) piece of cannabis between the flour and the sugar. This culminated in an investigation by the gendarmerie of the Aubigny-sur-Nère brigades community. But according to 33-year-old Jérémy’s version, this illegal ingredient got there through the purest luck of culinary chemistry.

The concern at 3C France in La Chapelle-d’Angillon was linked to a mysterious cake.

“I don’t know what happened. It’s impossible. When I was looking for my dumpling, I knew it was in the cake when several of my colleagues started crumbling,” he told the court. This explanation made the magistrate and his assessors wrinkle their noses, who were not at all convinced that hash had been deliberately added in the preparation.

“Some had dizziness, difficulty walking, and others had such seizures that one of the victims was thought to have had a stroke.”

I am Jacqueline Chamiot-Clerc, a lawyer for one of the victims. (blank)

“You can say it in court, but there’s a risk it won’t go through,” Sylvie Barucco said. Blood tests of the users showed that they were actually taking cannabis orally, despite themselves. Analysis of the cake showed above all that it was not just the resin flakes that flavored the dessert, but a concentration of 50 milligrams per gram of cake that “we avoided a tragedy,” insisted lawyer Jacqueline Chamiot-Clerk. For one in nine out of thirteen victims affected by symptoms after consuming this amazing cake.

“Is this a failed prank or a culinary experiment?”

If the defendant, in his turn, worked through the three parts without hesitation on the basis, the others were not used to it at all. Three colleagues had to be hospitalized. “Some of them had dizziness, it was difficult to walk, some of them had such convulsions that we thought one of the victims had a stroke,” the lawyer adds.

The prosecution is skeptical of the defendant’s version and is seriously interested in his reasons. Deputy Public Prosecutor Lidi Samurdan “Is this a bad joke?” he asks. “Or culinary experience?” For the prosecution, the gesture of adding a ball of cannabis to the recipe is “voluntary”, although the author did not measure the consequences. “You knew exactly what was in the cake.” A seven-month suspended sentence was required.

In his argument, Me Hicham Al Khouja was still “looking for the deliberate element. He did not say that there was no secret in the cake, but he did not put it.” This story, therefore, sticks a little too much to the skin of thirty-year-olds. He would like to turn the page.

On Wednesday evening, the criminal court handed down its verdict: a fine of 1,000 euros and 813 euros in compensation to be paid to one of the eight victims. For others, the court remanded the case for an upcoming civil interest hearing.

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