“winning bet”, focus on business customers

With an offer dedicated to the characteristics of the business travel segment, business customers will be one of Trenitalia’s priorities in 2023 (DR A. Mostras)

It happened on December 18, 2021 Frecciarossa of Trenitalia The French begin the conquest of the railway. On Wednesday, the management of the Italian carrier therefore wanted to celebrate this first anniversary and take stock of these twelve months of activity. ” A year later, it happened winning bet for travelers and all interested parties “, he assures Roberto Rinaudo, Chairman of Trenitalia France. Symbolically, the company confirmed the carrier’s positive message by selling its millionth ticket a few days ago. ” It exceeds our expectations: we did not expect to sell a million tickets in one year “, recalls Roberto Rinaudo,” amazing results “. La Trenitalia ended its first year of operation with an average occupancy rate of 70%. While the Paris-Lyon line remains excellent (50%), Trenitalia also found its audience on the Paris-Milan, Paris-Turin and Lyon-Milan lines, exceeding 80% .

Recipe for success? For the managers of the railway company, he understood the expectations of French customers, his characteristics in relation to Italian travelers, and responded to them without denying his “Italian spirit”. Among the examples mentioned by Roberto Rinaudo, we note that the French fleet has twice as many cars equipped with the atmosphere of “Silenzio” than on the other side of the Alps. Or – more anecdotally – the fact that tiramisu is more successful among French customers… The French Trenitalia did not get this information about the market only this year 2022. In particular, the management of Trenitalia recalled the role played by its predecessor. Thelo In France, to define the profile of French customers. An experiment that will also serve to show the operational complexity of the night train model: ” Thello stopped it because there were too many infrastructure limitations ” says Roberto Rinaudo. ” I know the return of night trains is a fad, I understand it. However, we are currently focusing on two products: high-speed and regional trains “.

Trenitalia has improved its offer on the French Frecciarossa “Silenzio”, especially to meet the expectations of business travelers. (DR A. Mostras)

This regional offer could be the next step in the development of the Trenitalia France network. The company plans to participate in tender announcements in this direction synergy will be determined. As for high speed, we analyze the market 360 degrees, we do not exclude anything Trenitalia warns the French president. This confirmed the interest in the Paris-Madrid axis. ” Yes, this is part of the development plan. There are several lines on which we evaluate the development of our services. Paris-Barcelona-Madrid is on this list “. However, no timetable has been announced by Trenitalia.

Business travelers on Trenitalia France attractions

On the contrary, we now know that in 2023 there will be the first real attack of a railway company in the world. business travel. In what form? We will have to wait for the first months of next year to find out. ” We will soon provide our professional travelers with richer offers that will be more attentive to their needs. Roberto warns Rinaudo. ” There are several topics: prices, distribution channels, use of digital platforms used by companies, services that meet specific requirements… We need to optimize the offer we want to give to this type of customer, who is very demanding. », continues the president of Trenitalia France. As in Italy, or when asked about the possibility of Trenitalia lounges being set up at the station in neighboring hotels, e.g Iryo The fact that Roberto Rinaudo in Spain remains cautious. “The model is different in terms of access to stations in France, it could not be immediately transferred from Italy to France. But everything is possible”. Trenitalia currently counts 20% of customers who travel for professional reasons. We can potentially add 20% of travelers who say they travel for mixed reasons – personal and professional, figures that could improve with a special offer as the company gains visibility in the French market.

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