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Promised », assure the Alsatian deputies of the presidential majority. They present a bill for the Alsace region according to their press release to read below.

It was a campaign promise, a promise kept today.

Ten Alsace MPs from the presidential majority sign the bill, which was tabled today in the National Assembly by Hubert OTT, MP for the second constituency of Haut-Rhin, to make Alsace an independent region of the European Union.

The text aims to give the European Community of Alsace resources and regional skills, allowing it to act in economic development as well as transport, tourism or the environment in the whole area.

For the signatories, this bill has several goals.

  • Easier social activity. This territorial reform will simplify the institutional landscape by reducing the number of administrative layers and replacing two communities with one community. This would bring the necessary simplification of procedures for our fellow citizens, who no longer have to look for the right interlocutor among different layers of society, as well as for associations that have only one subsidy document.
  • Greater proximity to public action by bringing the centers of decision-making closer to residents and restoring the perimeter to the territorial and cross-border characteristics of Alsace.

Reminding us of the importance of Europe in these special times, the deputies emphasize the single geographical perimeter of Alsace, the Rhine region where we live. Alsace’s task is, of course, to build its future through economic, cultural and tourism development shared with Baden-Württemberg and other Rhinelanders, our neighbors in Switzerland. In order to succeed in these particular European territories, Alsace needs to have this ambition.

For the Alsatian MPs, who represent the majority, the effectiveness of any public action comes from these issues of proximity and simplicity.

They remind that this bill is part of an ongoing dialogue with the Government, the majority of Alsace parliamentarians were accepted by the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, in September of this year to discuss the subject.

This bill aims to confirm Alsace’s place as a testing and innovation area for territorial public action in preparation for the law on local authorities to be introduced by the Government in 2024.

Over the past five years, the presidential majority has initiated the process of returning to the Alsace perimeter by creating the European Community of Alsace, as a result of the merger of the departmental councils of Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin by Brigitte Klinkert and Frédéric Beery. .

Alsace is already pioneering a new territorial organization that is more efficient and closer to the territories. This bill aims to take this project further by further including Alsace in the concept of proximity to public activity and territorial differentiation.

This bill is important for Alsace and its inhabitants. It aims to answer the desire to be close to social action that most of us feel. The creation of a full-fledged Alsace region will be simplified institutional and administrative we call. This will encourage closer, more effective decision-making that is more relevant to the needs of Alsatians.

Co-signatories of the European Parliament:

– Hubert OTT


– Françoise BUFFETT

– Bruno Fuchs


– Brigitte KLINKERT

– Stephanie KOCHERT

– Didier LEMAIRE

– Bruno STUDER

– Vincent THIEBAUT.

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