What birds does suet like? Easy suet cake tutorial to attract them!

What can you do in the garden in winter? You can preserve flowers, make cuttings, choose seeds for spring… And what else? You can attract birds to your garden! Did you know that these beautiful little creatures need you? Sometimes putting birdseed outside is not enough. Squirrels can eat them, they can attract mice, rats and other animals. So what to do? That’s where we come in! You can make a delicious suet cake perfect for garden birds and we have the perfect and easiest tutorial to make it! We will also see which birds love suede.

Want to attract birds to the garden? There are several steps to follow and feeding them is one of them! Since the birds are hungry, they start to trust and get used to you. If you are careful, patient and gentle enough with them, you will gain a very dear friend. As I said before, bird seed distribution can be successful. However, squirrels are notorious birdseed eaters, and they are quick to catch them! You can make your own squirrel bait for them. And the best food for birds is fat balls! Yes, butter ball, or suet cake! In fact, it may seem crazy to some, but the birds love it! So, if you’re interested, here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a suet cake in just a few steps, and then what birds love suet! Here we go!

suet cake for birds

Suet cake recipe for birds

To start, cut the butter into small pieces. Make sure all traces of flesh, bone, or other tissue are removed.

Heat the chopped oil on low heat until it is completely liquefied. Using higher temperatures to aid the process can cause fires. So you need to stir constantly to help the oil melt evenly.

The liquid should be strained through cheesecloth or a fine-mesh strainer to remove oil particles. In fact, to completely get rid of these particles, the liquid must be filtered several times.

  • Add flavors

The ingredients for the suet recipe are chopped unsalted nuts. Next, dried fruit pieces, bird seed, kitchen scraps and insects such as mealworms.

Finally, let the mixture cool slightly, then pour into molds to use. Allow to cool completely until solid. By the way, you can also put it in the refrigerator or freezer. (Extra suet can be stored in the freezer for up to six months!) So suet cakes can be cut or you can use trays for your suet feeders.

Where to place the suet feeder?

suet cake for birds

It will not be enough to put the suede outside or on the floor on the table. You should hang your suet feeder from a pole or tree and should be visible. If you live in a very windy area, make sure there are no objects flying around the feeder that could hit it (and potentially hit the bird).

What birds does suet like?

If you want to tame a corn in the garden, a fat ball will not be enough. They feed on the ground and must be stable for this. Here are the birds that eat corn:

  • peaks
  • breasts
  • black birds
  • nutraches
  • orioles
  • thrushes
  • reptiles
  • jays

Can lard go bad?

Yes, we have seen which birds love suede. But you have to think it could get worse. Raw pork can spoil after prolonged exposure to hot temperatures. Therefore, late fall and winter are the best times to put in the garden. Therefore, be careful not to expose to direct sunlight. Even in winter we sometimes have very hot days, so be careful.

The best squirrel proof feeder

Indeed, squirrels are as cute as they are cunning! They may fool you with their fluffy coats and charming faces, but beware, these little critters will rip your birdseed from you in no time! So what can you do to protect your bird feeder from pesky squirrels? Well, an effective way to keep squirrels away from suet is to hang the suet feeder from a pole protected by a barrel. In fact, by having a barrier, the birds’ tiny beaks can reach the suet, while the squirrel will hang on and struggle to do anything. Good for him… Another way is to hang it where the squirrel can’t jump on it.

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