When the voice of F1 Julien Fébreau meets our readers in Rochechouart

Thanks, readers, to Jérôme Mounier, mechanic at Rochechouart and friend of Julien Fébreon The celebrity of the center I had a great time this Saturday.

A Canal Plus Formula 1 commentator who came to watch the women’s D2 handball match between ROC-ASSJ and La Roche-sur-Yon was transported into his own world just before the game by kindness and generosity. motorsport connoisseurs.

First he returned to his trip. He talked about his arrival in the written press, then alongside Alexandre Delpérier at RMC, then at the Channel. If his radio experience was to be useful, he had to learn to let the pictures do the talking with television.

Julien Fébreau also opened up extensively behind the scenes of the rebroadcasts. If there are twelve people to travel in the circuits, there are about twenty technicians working in Paris to make these events happen. He also talked about vocal intonation. “I use the same technique as the singers. The voice does not come from the vocal cords, but from the abdomen,” he says, admitting that interpretation is an exercise that requires some preparation.

If the quarrels in the cabin could be lively with Jacques Villeneuve, he was never angry with him. “On the contrary, we complement each other completely. Sometimes I have a hard time following his train of thought, but he always comes to the right conclusion. He is the person I like.”

Answering readers’ questions, Julien Fébreau talked about the drivers, all of whom have strong personalities. “They all feel like the best. They are there to win. They are the competitive spirit attached to the body. That’s why we love them.”

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In his speech, Julien Fébreau looked back on the good times, such as Gasly’s victory at Monza and his worst times, especially the crash in Bahrain that almost cost his best friend Romain Grosjean.

Julien Fébreau isn’t on vacation for all of this, if he’s not on the rounds right now. He is currently preparing a retrospective that will soon be broadcast on an encrypted channel and will be preparing for the next season from January. “I go around the world four times a season and as soon as the flag comes down I work on the next race.”

Jean-Francois Julien

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