Two new political groups are emerging in the Agglomeration Community of the Basque Country

The 232 elected representatives of the Basque Country Agglomeration Community will now sit in separate groups. November 30 42 community councils from Larrau, Biarritz, Arancou or Saint Jean de Luz presented a new political group. “For Elgarrekin’s Herria”, which they described as “transpartisan”. with Support from 30 other delegates The new group, which currently prefers to remain anonymous, is demanding a more territorial balance of investments and governance. Three of the ten polar referents are part of the first political group Labourd, Basse-Navarre and Soule were created within an entity that unites 158 municipalities. Peio Etxeleku, Municipal councilor in Cambodia and Laurent Inchauspe The mayor of Saint-Jean-Pied de Port is two of the founders of the new group.

A second group appeared this Thursday. “Bil Gaiten”let’s meet in basque, although there is a branch of EH Bai, not all 27 elected are members of the aberzale coalition. The mayors of Urrugne, Tardets, Lahonce and Saint-Pierre d’Irube belong to this second group.

Two new groups on Agglo

In the introduction to the Agglomeration Council, Helette elected Anne-Marie Nadau reminded that the majority of the members of “Elgarrekin for Herria” are not members of political parties and want to have a long-term territorial perspective. “We feel the need to have a place for our residents to move together, to connect, to think, and to share this with the council of this great agglomeration” assures elected Bas-Navarrese.

For Anne-Marie Nadau, you need to hear the nuance. “We are not an opposition, but a thinking force
with respect to all groups and the institution itself”

Nicole Etchamendi, elected to Ixassou and Bill Gaiten’s co-chair, emphasized the need to discuss the ideas of which the institution itself is the fruit. “Our goal is to work and exchange collectively to enrich and strengthen CAPB. To do this, we need a strategic vision.” called back elected domestic Labor.

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After the speeches of the two elected officials, President Jean René Etchegaray continued the agenda of about 70 meetings. The manager of Agglo said Agglo’s technicians have been blessed very often to his pleasure. The centrist also emphasized this several large investments have been made throughout the area, particularly in higher education projects with European assistance. “This financing of several million euros is only possible thanks to the weight represented by the Basque Country. Before Aglo was created, I was a representative of only one association, the Council of Electors.“Jean René Etchegaray explained. For him, these investments located on BAB and Bidart appeal entirely to the Basque Country.

The President lamented the initiation of some elected officials count the knives and forks as occurs when a couple separates. “We need solidarity in looking at where resources come from. I want to remove the unbearable suspicion that people are filtering themselves while others are left by the wayside. We need to look less at the navel of each tower.” Jean René Etcehgaray launched “gym against the public interest“Planned in Tardets.

“The constitution of the groups cannot be debated today, because it is a right and is provided for in the charter. So we just have to consider the creation of these groups, and I do not see anything to do with it. The question of questioning the Community of Agglomeration, but the presentation of the power of suggestion. Now “We will see whether we are on the register of these proposals in the long term. With only five years of existence, our institute is new and cannot function in the same way as municipalities or departments that have been working for decades.” Jean René Etchegaray concluded.

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Antton Curutcharry, elected to the Baigorri municipality and Agglo’s tenth vice-president for culture and language policy, is waiting to see the proposals of the two groups. “This is to improve the democratic life of the CAPB, so I am interested. I am more in a position of waiting to see what improvements these political groups will bring to the democratic life. I think that the groups are not doing that. It calls into question the work done in the PFLP. In one as in the other, it is alleged that elected officials are being re-centered so that they can take up certain issues again. Some argue that elected officials are being disempowered. But I myself am elected from a small town and I don’t feel out of place at all.” Antton Curutchary explains.

Although EH Bai is a member, the elected representative from Bas-Navarre will not be part of a group close to his coalition. “At Agglo, I represent my municipality and municipal council, which goes far beyond my political label”

The agglomeration of the Basque Country will soon determine the constitutional terms of the two new groups, and the topic will be the subject of discussion in the community council. The question will probably be discussed again in Bayonne this Tuesday at 18:00 during the last permanent council of the Aglo year.

This Saturday, the council of elders observed a minute’s silence in memory of Jakes Abeberi, who passed away a few days ago.
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