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Peru’s new president, Dina Boluarte, who was installed as head of state after former president Pedro Castillo’s failed coup attempt, announced his government on Saturday. However, this does not exclude the organization of early elections.

Peru’s new president, Dina Boluarte, announced her government on Saturday (December 10th) as supporters of former president Pedro Castillo face growing street protests demanding his release and new elections.

There are 19 ministers in the new government, 8 of whom are women. Pedro Angulo, a former prosecutor and lawyer specializing in the fight against corruption, was appointed prime minister.

Earlier in the day, Congress President Jose Williams called on the new president to take swift action, including the appointment of a government, to “establish confidence and tranquility.”

Since Thursday, there have been many protests and roadblocks in Lima and several cities around the country, including in Andean regions where former rural school teacher Pedro Castillo has the biggest support.

Dina Boluarte, who was vice president until Wednesday’s inauguration after the parliament dismissed Pedro Castillo, has not ruled out early elections. “I appeal to the brothers and sisters who came to the demonstration to ask them to calm down,” he told the press.

“If society and the situation deserve it, we will propose holding elections within the framework of discussions with the democratic forces of the Congress,” he said, expressing his desire to achieve a peaceful solution to the political crisis.

Hundreds of protesters

Responding to the call of left-wing collectives, hundreds of people marched from the historic center of Lima to the Congress on Saturday in a demonstration that attracted fewer participants than in previous days. “We are protesting because they are holding our imprisoned president, we want him released,” 60-year-old Rosa Gutierrez told AFP.

“This woman (Dina Boluarte) is a usurper, she is occupying the position of President Castillo, she betrayed him because of her ambition,” said 46-year-old Ruth Orihuela.

According to the Peruvian Human Rights Defender, 20 people, including four policemen, were injured as a result of clashes between demonstrators and the police in Andahuaylas, Apurimac region, where Dina Boluarte is. The local prosecutor’s office was particularly misled and became the target of stone-throwing, against which the police used tear gas.

On Thursday, police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators who had already marched towards the parliament with slogans such as “Freedom to Castillo”, “Boluarte does not represent me” or “Dismissal of Parliament”.

The Office of the Ombudsman called on all citizens to be calm and responsible and reminded that the use of violent means during demonstrations is prohibited on its Twitter page.

After Wednesday’s attempt to dissolve parliament and impose a state of emergency, a maneuver described as a “coup d’état,” Pedro Castillo was placed in pretrial detention for seven days on Thursday at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. which prosecuted him for “rebellion” and “conspiracy”.

He is being held in the police barracks where another ex-president, Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), is serving a 25-year sentence for crimes against humanity and corruption.

His former chief of staff, Guidio Bellido, and one of his lawyers, Me Guillermo Olivera, suggested on Friday that Pedro Castillo “may have been induced” to leave Parliament under the influence of psychotropic drugs.

The man who is still at the head of the country made the solemn declaration on television as the parliament must discuss the third impeachment procedure against President Castillo “due to moral incapacity” since he came to power in July 2021. The president announced the dissolution of the parliament and the establishment of a state of emergency in the country.

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