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In France, we don’t have Elon Musk, but we have Bolloré and Hanouna. That’s enough to infuriate the mainstream press. Whether it’s Twitter or TPMP, democracy on both sides of the Atlantic will be threatened by the pretense that pluralism in mainstream information is just the beginning.

I admit that I have a hard time knowing what to think of Elon Musk. The guy who is a fanatical transhumanist is also brilliant, visionary, and most importantly, in my eyes, funny. With it, the technical ideal is balanced by a conservative background. He is a libertarian, so he is a man who is rightly distrustful of the state and does not forget his crazy individualism – like all true liberals, but of course there is much to complain about – the ethics of responsibility. While capital is aligned with progressivism, Nike for example is leading a multiculturalist project, Musk is calling for the destruction of Wokism, and rarely tycoons Part of the globalized economy supports the GOP, the Grand Old Party, including in Trump form. Musk has always worried Silicon Valley about his maverick profile; he was admired, feared and mocked; but his incredible success drowned out the criticism of his opponents.

Musk as the White Knight of Free Speech

Having decided to buy Twitter, Musk declared war on them. He spent more than forty billion dollars on this operation for ideological reasons: a true democrat, he rightly believes that democracy should be a debate in which all opinions can express themselves. After that, it is up to the citizens to honestly make the choices that shape the society without going through the filter of “pedagogy”. We can clearly see how this concept is intolerable in the eyes of progressives who think that the will of the people must be regulated by “humanistic” principles, caring morality, and laws that increasingly limit freedom of expression, and ultimately by the will of their enemies. .

Progressivism relies primarily on the media to lead the Western masses; Journalists who contribute to sociology are the surest priests of the Church of Progress, supposedly everywhere in the free world. They call “decryption” an ideological washing machine into which they enter the real; they call the consideration of the latter “dispute”, and their remarks that deviate from their dogma “sliding”. The Internet has come to challenge their omnipotence. That’s why they crazily support censorship, with only “freedom” on their lips. Recently they invented fake newsthese reports are often less false than the world is concerned about the narrative story, as they say – which they preach and translate their world view that they take for granted. They practiced against their enemies yesterday Reducing my Hitler ; today they are called “conspiracy theorists”. This change represents the full presentation of the policy to the media. For them, ideology is a done deal; they are words that say that only under certain conditions – more and more severe – can it be the object of conflict. The next step is the extermination of those who reject progressivism – the laws already allow them to be killed socially and economically.

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