Alibaba Cloud launches collaboration platform for sports events

Premium DingTalk for Sports Games is designed to accommodate more than 100,000 Asian Games 2022 participants

Hangzhou, China, October 20, 2021 – Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence and digital technology arm of Alibaba Group, today unveiled a digital solution called “Premium DingTalk for Sports Gaming” at the Apsara 2021 conference. sporting events. This new solution will be used for the 2022 Asian Games, which will be held in Hangzhou next September and will host more than 100,000 participants from around the world.

Using DingTalk’s cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform, this new sports solution provides a unique collaboration tool that connects stakeholders at all stages of event organization: connecting organizers, suppliers, volunteers and site operators to ensure better operational efficiency of sports events.

“Alibaba Cloud’s ambition is to transform the sports experience in the digital age. As part of our ongoing efforts to achieve this goal, our new DingTalk solution is designed to help users manage and manage large-scale sports events in a more structured way by using DingTalk as a business collaboration tool. leading cloud technologies and infrastructure,” said Selina Yuan, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International Business Unit. “After successfully providing technology solutions and services for the digitization of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, we are excited to support the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou. »

This solution allows different groups of participants to connect to the platform anytime and anywhere through a single gateway. Organizers can manage these groups individually through a backend platform, simplifying workflows while facilitating communication within and between groups.

To help participants, including volunteers and site operators around the world, better communicate with each other, the platform also offers instant multilingual translation, remote video conferencing, and many other features that ensure smooth real-time information exchange.

“At DingTalk, we aim to facilitate the digitization of organizations and businesses,” said Alex Lee, Vice President of DingTalk. “With the launch of Premium DingTalk for Sports Games and our future partnership with the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, we are poised to provide advanced digital platform services to global sporting event organizers.”

Other sports solutions showcased at Apsara 2021 include an artificial intelligence-based simulation training solution that can provide virtual training to volunteers. Based on artificial intelligence algorithms, the robots create an immersive learning environment by simulating real-world scenarios and provide insights into trainee achievement using a standardized and systematic ranking system. By analyzing data from training, these robots provide volunteers with real-time feedback and offer tailored remedial sessions to help them improve their performance.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud launched a cloud-based ticketing system to optimize digital ticketing services at sports events. The latter is adapted from the customer service system previously used in Alibaba Group marketplaces such as Taobao and Tmall. When a match needs to be rescheduled, the system, powered by Alibaba Cloud’s conversational AI technology, automatically notifies ticket holders and processes refund requests.

Alibaba has been named a Key Player in the 2021 Global Conversational AI Vendor Assessment by International Data Corporation (IDC) MarketScape. Alibaba is included in the analysis for the first time due to its strong and successful Conversational AI capabilities and industry experience.

In recent years, Alibaba Cloud has been committed to promoting the digitization of sports. The company introduced various cloud-based solutions and services to support the digital transformation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Among other things, it launched Alibaba Cloud Pin, a cloud-based digital badge for media professionals to communicate with each other. a safe and interactive method, as well as a smart headset that helps local workers reduce the risk of heat stroke during the summer months in Tokyo.

About Alibaba Cloud
Launched in 2009, Alibaba Cloud (, the data intelligence division of Alibaba Group, is now one of the top three global IaaS providers according to Gartner and the leading public cloud service provider in China according to IDC. Alibaba Cloud brings a full suite of cloud computing services to businesses around the world, including merchants doing business in Alibaba Group marketplaces, startups, enterprises and government organizations. Alibaba Cloud is also an official cloud service partner of the International Olympic Committee.

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