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Last night there were new fixes in WoW. One of the lofty works is disturbing Dragon flightEvokers, Hunters, Warlocks, several creatures and NPCs, Dragonriding, Brackenrobe Hollow, certain items and rewards, professions, guests, Valdrakken Covenant, as well as Wrath of the Lich King classic. Find all the details below.

December 8, 2022


  • Fixed an issue with the “Three Minutes or Free” timer.


  • suggestive
    • Ancient Flame also now reduces Living Flame’s global cooldown by 40%.
      • Developer Note: We added this global cooldown to the Ancient Flame talent so that Living Flame can be cast quickly.
    • Destruction
      • Energizing Flame now restores 70% of the mana cost of a Living Flame when it hits an enemy (was 50%).
      • Living Flame now heals 30% more and costs 20% of total mana (was 10%).
        • Dev Note: We want Living Flame to be more effective for Havoc Evokers when they use it to heal themselves or an ally, but we want to make sure it can’t be indefinitely. Evoker’s mana bar should be a healing limiting factor like Healing Surge on Elemental Shaman.
  • Hunter
    • Animal mastery
      • Fixed an issue where Wild Rich would temporarily disable Heal Pet when summoning a pet.
  • Witch
    • Fixed Profane Market sharing too much damage.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Maldraxxus Abominations should now help players above level 60 in Shadowlands.
  • Fixed an issue where Horace “Boiling” Stern’s actions were confusing players’ battle logs.
  • Players can no longer sit on the chairs that Miya and her mother Plifa sleep in at the Gelikyr Inn.

Flying on the backs of dragons

  • Spinning Pulse’s cooldown now resets at the start of each Dragon Run.

Dungeons and raids

  • Hollow Fugerobs
    • Fern Warbane Vile Sneer Variations:
      • Duration reduced to 4 seconds (down from 7).
      • Broadcast time increased to 3.5 seconds (was 2.5).
      • Added pre-made visual effects and made it stand out so players are more prepared for its cut.

Items and Prizes

  • Fixed some Rohart Fishing Nets timers not decrementing when offline.
  • Darkmoon Suite: Fixed Vigil giving less versatility when activating the shield than intended.
  • Drakonid Spear can now only be used in Dragon Islands open content.


  • Fixed issues with multiple recipes
    • Tech: Revamped Proto-Drake – Predator robe no longer closes when picked up.
    • Schematic: Tinkering – No longer linked when Neltharion’s Breath is taken away.
    • Recipe: Holiday Cake is now closed on pickup.
      • Developers Note: Our philosophy for getting Dragon Island recipes is simple – we want to sell as many recipes as possible. The main exceptions to this rule are recipes from search rewards and fame. There should always be a moment of excitement when you find a recipe, because it can either be sold for a good amount or learned by your character. We will continue to monitor the situation and correct prescriptions that do not meet these goals.
  • Kitchen
    • Crafting Water Moth Surprises now has a chance to learn the Great Cerulean Sea recipe (instead of the Thousand Bridge Tongue Cutter).
  • Calligraphy
    • Tech: Experienced Intelligence Staff now requires Dragon Isles Inscription 50 to match all other high-level recipes (was 75).


  • Dragonflight Campaign
    • Fixed an issue preventing “Open Orientation” from being available for some alternatives.
  • Ohn’ahra plain
    • Completing ‘Counting Argali’ and ‘Lost Argali, Bakar’s Dream’ should now be very easy.
    • Fixed an issue showing the Thai Training Ability without the “Easy Pick Up” expedition.
  • Taldraszus
    • Fixed an issue where the beam would not cancel itself if the quest was abandoned during “Team Past and Future”.
    • Fixed an issue with “Team Past and Future” where the Timewalking Guardians would sometimes not join the fight against the Great Causes.
    • Fixed an issue where Andantenorm forgot to save the Worgen and Zandalari Trolls during “Like the First Time”.
    • Added relay “when communicating with Chromie”.
    • Corrected the description of “Temporary Stabilization Beam” to show the correct range.
    • Expeditions
      • Fixed an issue with ‘Hydro-rohart’ where mesh could not be used while swimming underwater.
  • Coasts of Awakening
    • Fixed Cygenoth not being able to transform when stunned during the Shadow of His Wings encounter.


  • Treaty of Waldrakken
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘match’ search could show rewards already earned.

Wrath of the Lich King classic

  • Players will now advance 100 yards for the Eyepiece during “What’s the Fun We’re Doing” only upon death. Each faction will advance.
    • Dev Note: Due to the lag associated with Dalaran and its proximity to the Icecrown area, players in or near it would progress to “What are we kidding” when the eyeball died. The latter is not intended to be on a territorial scale.

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