The successor to the Bugatti Chiron will be produced in Molsheim in 2026, and it will be a hybrid.

Bugatti is in good condition. The Alsatian manufacturer, which will be acquired from Volkswagen by Rimac (55% stake), the Croatian electric car supplier and manufacturer linked to Porsche from October 2021, has used the favorable economic situation to prepare for its future. .

The W16 Mistral roadster, which will be produced between 2024 and 2026, will mark the end of the brand’s internal combustion engines. The latest evolution of the Chiron (500 units from 2016), the W16 Mistral will be produced in 100 units (photo below). Premiering in August 2022, the entire series sold out in one day.

The response from our customers has been so strong on the W16 Mistral that we had to create a waiting list.”Bugatti Automobiles President Christophe Piochon observed.

Expanding the workshop to prepare the hybrid Bugatti of the future

The car that will replace it in 2026 will be equipped with a hybrid power unit for the first time in the history of the brand. Produced in Molsheim, it will provide Bugatti with technology that meets the approval criteria set in Europe until 2035, the date when marketing of gasoline engines ends.

With 145 employees in Molsheim compared to 120 three years ago, the company has confirmed its roots in Alsace. The historic site (17 hectares), which was rebuilt after the brand was bought by Volkswagen in 1998, will benefit from real estate expansion this winter. Bugatti will build a 1,000-square-meter administrative building located between the existing technical hall and workshop. The site was entrusted to Alsatian developer LCR (Les Constructeurs Réunis).

Further expansion of the workshop to more than 800 square meters is under consideration to produce the Chiron successor.Christophe announces to Piochon Gallery.

Maximizing revenues

Bugatti predicts a turnover of 300 million euros in 2022 for 80 cars delivered this year.

We market 40% of its production in the United States. Europe accounts for 30% of sales, mainly in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, along with the Middle East and Asia. The economic situation was particularly favorable at the end of 2021 and the summer of 2022 with a favorable exchange rate of the dollar.This was reported by Christophe Piochon.

The order book is full until 2026

“Unfortunately for our customers, I have nothing to sell until 2026”, knows the leader. Starting this summer, the brand offers second-hand “Certified Pre-Owned” units: this commercial offer allows minor technical changes or more significant updates to the cars (anti-pollution standards, interior decoration) – and is rewarded in revised copies. In the city of Molsheim. Customizations come at a premium: an option that allows the body’s carbon frame to be seen, protected by several layers of varnish, is estimated at 180,000 euros.

The elitist position of the W16 Mistral roadster, which costs 4 million euros each, confirms the brand’s strategy of maximizing profits. In this model without a roof, 40% of the parts will be different.

W16 Mistral made the Chiron project even more profitable”Christophe Piochon analyzes.

Offered in different variants (Sport, Pur Sport, Super Sport) since 2016, Chiron has undergone numerous technical developments over the years. Some have been invisible (noise, emission standards, electromagnetic compatibility). Others are more significant, such as the engine power increased from 1,500 hp to 1,600 hp or the recently revealed carbon intake pipe.

Several derivatives presented as “haute couture” pieces (Divo, Centodieci, La Voiture Noire…) and sold between 4 million euros and 11 million euros completed the Chiron series, 650 copies will be produced.

The Bolide, the latest variant with an aggressive design dedicated to touring, was purchased by 40 customers at a price of 4 million euros. A special mini-championship will be reserved for them.

Presentation of the next model in 2023

The silhouette of the model that will replace the Chiron line in 2026 will be presented as a model in 2023. It will be equipped with a new platform and a hybrid powertrain developed together with Rimac engineers.

For the thermal part, Bugatti will abandon its 16-cylinder engine, the previous version of which was already equipped with the 2005 Veyron. The Alsace manufacturer will turn to a foreign engine manufacturer. Porsche, a joint shareholder, is well positioned to be this partner.

Such cooperation will not be the first. The current Chiron’s gearbox was designed by British Ricardo. But all Bugattis will be produced in Molsheim.”Christophe Piochon promises.

promise” Made in Molsheim »

But will customers agree to drive a hybrid?

The SUV segment is not part of our strategic options, unlike Ferrari or Aston Martin. Our customers are not ready to switch to a 100% electric model. Rimac is not new to the industry. Our shareholder brings exceptional expertise in high-performance batteries and industrial bases in Germany and Italy.”replies Christophe Piochon.

And to add:

In return, Bugatti offers Rimac its know-how in customer management. We are very good at producing luxury cars and networking.” Christophe Piochon believes.