the composition of the new government has been announced

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On Saturday evening, in a series of decrees read on the Senegalese television RTS, the Secretary General of the President of the Republic announced the new members of the government formed on the proposal of Amadou Ban, who was appointed Prime Minister on Saturday morning.

The new government team consists of 38 ministers, 8 of whom are women.

16 new entrants were registered, some of whom returned, such as Ismaila Madior Fall, Aly Ngouille Ndiaye and Abdoukarim Fofana. 15 ministers also retained the same portfolios they held in the outgoing government.

Speaking after the announcement of the list, the new Prime Minister said, “Apart from new entries, there have been changes and updates.”

“The novelty is that there are ministers next to other ministers. This reflects the new directions of the President of the republic to achieve goals in priority sectors,” Ba continued.

He announced that handovers will begin on Monday so that the new team can start work as soon as possible.

We present the full composition of the new government:

– Sidiki Kaba, Minister of Armed Forces,

– Ismaila Madior Fall, Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice,

– Aïssata Tall, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegal Abroad,

– Félix Antoine Diome, Minister of the Interior,

– Amadou Moustapha Ba, Minister of Finance and Budget,

– Amadou Mansur Faye, Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Openings,

– Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Equipment and Food Sovereignty,

– Oulimata Sarr, Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation,

– Sheikh Oumar Anne, Minister of National Education,

– Moussa Balde, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation,

– Mariama Sarr, Minister of Vocational Education, Learning and Integration,

– Serigne Mbaye Thiam, Minister of Water and Sanitation,

– Fatou Diane, Minister of Women, Family and Child Protection,

– Marie Khémesse Ngom Ndiaye, Minister of Health and Social Action,

– Oumar Sarr, Minister of Mining and Geology,

– Sophie Gladima, Minister of Oil and Energy,

– Doudou Ka, Minister of Air Transport and Airport Infrastructure Development,

– Alioune Ndoye, Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition,

– Papa Sagna Mbaye, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Economy,

– Samba Sy, Minister of Labour, Social Dialogue and Institutional Relations,

– Abdoulaye Saidou Sow, Minister of Urban Planning, Housing and Public Hygiene,

– Abdou Karim Fofana, Minister of Trade, Consumer Affairs and Small and Medium Enterprises, Government Spokesman,

– Moustapha Diop, Minister of Industrial Development and Small and Medium Industries,

– Samba Ndiobène Kâ, Minister of Community Development, National Solidarity and Social and Territorial Facilities,

– Victorin Ndeye, Minister of Microfinance, Social and Solidarity Economy,

– Mamadou Talla, Minister of Territorial Communities, Planning and Territorial Development,

– Pape Malik Ndour, Minister of Youth, Entrepreneurship and Employment,

– Yankhoba Diattara, Minister of Sports,

– Mame Mbaye Niang, Minister of Tourism and Recreation,

– Alioune Sow, Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage,

– Moussa Bocar Thiam, Minister of Communications, Telecommunications and Digital Economy,

– Gallo Bâ, Minister of Public Service and Public Sector Transformation,

– Pape Amadou Ndiaye, Minister of Handicrafts and Informal Sector Transformation,

– Aly Saleh Diop, Minister of Livestock and Animal Husbandry,

– Annette Seck, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister for Senegalese Abroad, responsible for Senegalese Abroad,

– Mamadou Saliou Sow, Minister of Seals, Minister of Justice, responsible for Good Governance for the Promotion of Human Rights,

– Birame Faye, Minister of Home Affairs in charge of Homeland Security and Civil Defence;

– Yankhoba Isa Diop, Minister of Water and Sanitation Minister for Flood Prevention and Management.

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