Post-match excesses, suspended aid, political backlash… What is this affair that has rocked the Fréjus region?

On Tuesday evening, after a brief episode of urban violence in the town of Frejus, La Gabelle, the president of the Eastern Var Agglomeration announced the suspension of aid and measures to the region. A decision that caused strong reactions. Here’s everything you need to know about the case.

1- Floods

On the evening of Tuesday, December 6, at the end of the Morocco-Spain soccer match (which resulted in the Atlas Lions qualifying for the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup), urban violence broke out in the popular district of Gabel. At first it was just a celebration event. However, the situation got out of control when a conflict started between about thirty young people and the police.

Faced with stone and mortar fire, the police (about thirty officers in total) responded by firing tear gas canisters. Thirty minutes later, the situation calmed down again, with no arrests or injuries. Similar explosions were regretted after the Morocco-Canada match a week ago.

2- Cessation of aid

After the events, the president of the Estérel-Côte d’Azur Agglomeration, Frédéric Masquelier, announced via Facebook that his community was immediately suspending aid for the region. Elected LR (also the mayor of the neighboring city of Saint-Raphaël) wrote: “Unacceptable events have happened again in La Gabelle. As I mentioned, aid from the Agglomeration has been stopped without a definite reaction from the residents. The funds invested in the teams will be given to other districts.”.

The elected Var-matina said that he would be ready to reconsider his decision “The overwhelmingly silent majority of the district’s residents emerge from their resignation and almost shared passivity and decry urban violence and crimes attributed to a minority of criminals.”

3- Dependent devices are revealed

On Wednesday, at noon, Agglomeration services announced the list of suspended services, aids and devices. In total, the banknote is 69,000 euros. First, four information and support staff led by former world boxing champion Amel Dehbi will be relocated and their mobile home-style buildings will be demolished (a saving of €36,000).

Also canceled: subsidies for a structure offering French language classes for women (€11,000), a subsidy for the creation of a micro-kindergarten to be voted on in the Community Council on December 9 (€20,000) or a re-attribution to a prevention association specialized in social assistance for children ( 2000 euros).

4- Angry reactions

Inevitably, the action taken by Frédéric Masquelier caused outrage on the part of Nupes est-varoise. “Several events that happened after the victory of Morocco, a victory celebrated a little too loudly by the youth of the district, were enough to stop the assistants of Frédéric Masquelier, mayor of LR Saint-Raphaël and president of the urban community. This district”, In a press release sent to Var-matin editorial office on Tuesday, Nupesin condemned the local representatives.. “Only, like a big man, he rushed to give a financial repressive response to these events… It’s like withdrawing the funds given to an entire district because of a handful of over-excited young people, calm everything down and solve the problems. Punish without further ado, that’s the only solution”.

For his part, Fréjusian opposition municipal councilor Julien Poussin (left and environmental group) believes that “Mr Masquelier should take his card to the RN”. “He should join his great friend Mr. Rachline and take his card at the National Rally. How can he intend to ‘punish’ an entire neighborhood of several thousand residents for a few isolated people? Cut all subsidies to the neighborhood of La. Gabelle, the Social Center and It is a new attack after the closure of other public services and we cannot accept it.”

5-Prologue… to the National Assembly

The district of Gabelle was mentioned in the National Assembly on Tuesday morning, a few hours before the violence that occurred after the Morocco-Spain match. In the semi-cycle, Julie Lechanteux, deputy RN for the fifth district of Var, protested to the Minister of the Interior, requesting that the city (already defined as a “priority district of the city”) be reconfirmed as a “republican reoccupation district”. “This will allow the deployment of special security reinforcements to the sector, the deployment of units responsible for local legal action and social action workers. This district is an example of the abandonment of local communities by successive governments. In response, the representative of the Minister of the Interior, Jean-Francois Carenco, said that the state in recent years he listed his efforts to ensure the security of the region: “Seizures in the city of Gabelle made it possible to dismantle part of the drug supply. network (…) 10 networks involved in illegal drug trafficking were discovered, which is 11% more than last year. .Reinforcements are regularly deployed to lend a helping hand to the officers of the police station. We will continue. The results are already there.

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