Is Ledger Stax a good idea?

Ledger Stax is a touchscreen device designed to protect your most valuable digital assets, an innovation that seeks to “hack” the crypto/NFT wallet user experience.

As centralized finance collapses, Celsius (Celsius said it has $4.3 billion in assets and $5.5 billion in liabilities, mostly owed to its customers.) and BlockFi (BlockFi has more than 100,000 with liabilities and assets ranging from $1 billion to $10 billion has a creditor) bankruptcy, many users could not recover their money after FTX went bankrupt. And we’re not talking about the many blockchain hacks and NFT projects… These out-of-regulation events have highlighted an important truth: digital property security is not an option. This is the startup’s vision, plus according to their figures, Ledger Nano currently powers more than 20% of the world’s crypto assets and 30% of the market capitalization of NFTs.

Security user experience is very important, smartphone manufacturers realized this very early on by creating hardware and software innovations, perhaps one of the most innovative uses is Face ID – a face scan on a smartphone compares the current face with an already saved face. on the device. It never searches for compatibility in the cloud and has no data connection. The scan simply confirms that the person requesting access to a particular laptop, smartphone or website, for example, is who they claim to be.

In the wave of Web3, the user experience is still a bit far from what it needs to be to attract the mass of non-ignorant users, it is a bet that Ledger’s touchscreen device makes the experience safe and easy to use. . Admittedly, Ledger keys still require some training time to understand how they work, this kind of hardware wallet is designed to store and protect your digital assets, Ledger was an early innovator in this regard. Especially with a custom operating system from Ledger and their certified Secure Element chip.

The startup has surrounded itself with Tony Fadell, the iconic creator of iPod and Nest. The latter reminds us that we want more flexibility and speed in managing our digital assets. That our digital lives are increasingly threatened by hackers. Ledger believes hardware wallets are the new ID. Your hardware wallet is literally the physical form of your digital twin – your secure identity for securely authenticating and transacting across both the Web2 and the ever-expanding Web3 galaxy. The hardware ensures that it’s really you and not a bot, hacker or scammer.

New generation hardware

During the Ledger Op3n event announcing new versions of its products, Ledger introduced Ledger Stax, based on Ledger’s secure architecture, which introduces a new form factor designed for accessibility and interactivity with the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Tony Fadell describes the new Ledger, which should be recognizable and category-defining so that users immediately know what it’s about when they look at it. It should be as intuitive as the smartphone everyone has. This should be recognized. Portable but not too small. It should be personal. It should have a long battery life. And from the moment you take it out of the box, as well as the whole experience you use it every day, it should be delicious.

This should make your crypto journey infinitely more intuitive. The size of a credit card allows you to manage your collections of over 500 digital assets, NFTs and explore a growing number of Web3 apps by connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth via the Ledger Live app. According to their release, Ledger Stax is fun and customizable. You can name your device and customize its lock screen with your favorite NFT or picture. If you have more than one Stax Ledger (one for your daily transactions, one for your backup, one for crypto and other NFTs, etc.), you can stack them thanks to the built-in magnets. .

An ecosystem under construction

The recipe implications for mobile ecosystems are very present in this latest release of Ledger. Any developer can build on ledger OS. Ledger Op3n is so called because it is an open platform for developers. External developers can easily integrate their coins, tokens, blockchains, applications and services directly into the Ledger ecosystem, providing an ever-growing range of DApps at your fingertips. The startup hosted the Ledger Op3n Developer Experience at Vierzon three weeks ago, with more than 40 developers and many impressive projects resulting in future live applications built on Ledger.

Ledger Stax will remain fully open for anyone to create their own application if cleartext signing is preferred: all DApps that provide cleartext signature will be listed on our Ledger website with deep links to open our Ledger app Live. The innovation team is trying to combine the strengths and capabilities of Ledger, Starknet, Fido in an open source project codenamed Ledger Fresh, great news!

Is this a good idea?

After buying the Ledger Nano X, I found that UI and UX are not simple to use and take time to notice, it’s not instant – most mobile phones in the 2000s were also complex, the iPhone in 2007 offers. simple touch OS is a thumb-friendly form factor and can be used out of the box, plus there’s no need to run from scratch. This has been lost over the years as the latest iPhones have become increasingly complex with hundreds of features, but that’s another topic.

I can’t wait to use it and try out the user interface, the downside that created the title of the post “Is Ledger Stax a good idea?” comes from my experience testing hundreds of products and operating systems in the mobile ecosystem. Why not keep this form factor in a stack on your desk, but having it in your pocket is another story. So valuable because it contains your digital assets, would we risk having it on our travels? Can Ledger Stax replicate iPod history? When it was launched in 2001, with a 5GB hard drive that stored all your music in a closed ecosystem.

We have to welcome the innovation in the world’s first curved E Ink touch screen ?

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