Formula 1 | Alexander Rossi has ‘great respect’ for Sarjan

Alexander Rossi is the last American to ever compete in Formula 1. But that will no longer be the case with the arrival of Logan Sarceant (pictured) to Williams F1 next year, and IndyCar driver Andretti has hailed his compatriot’s achievements.

“Logan did the right thing and I have a lot of respect” Rossi told The Race. “I know how hard it is for him and his family and everything else to make that sacrifice. Because you have to. That’s how it works and that’s why he deserves the green light to go to F1.”

Rossi is pleased to see Sargeant get his Superlicence, but he regrets that Colton Herta was once again unable to get his license and that prevented him from entering Formula 1.

“In a way, I agree with the decision and the way it was made. Why should someone like Logan who moved to Europe, made the sacrifices, put in the time and effort, be thrown out in favor of someone who didn’t? ?”

“But if an F1 team believes that a person has the skill and ability to perform in Formula 1, which Colton clearly does and proves, that shouldn’t necessarily stop him from going there.”

“This whole Superlicence thing came across as a way to keep people out of the show. And what it did was stop an American from being on the network. It stopped Colton, who had the credentials and the skills and was very easily accessible. Through Red Bull or otherwise found in the situation.”

“So I think there’s definitely a middle ground that needs to be struck. And I think that’s going to be with IndyCar giving more Superlicence points. The only way to get into F1 right now is through the European ladder system.”

“But I hope we’ll see that change in the coming years. Because I don’t think it’s a requirement, is it? I think there’s a great level of competition out there. Now in IndyCar and IMSA.”

“And if there are guys who do well in these championships and they’re going to test in an F1 car and they’re impressive, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t give them an opportunity.”

“There is life beyond Formula 1”

Rossi advised drivers in 2020 to go for records in other disciplines and he confirms that he still feels the same way about the first category today.

“No, not at all. I’d really like Colton to have a chance. Just because I have a lot of respect and admiration for him. I’d like to see a real American team, and when I say ‘right,’ you know what I mean.” And it would be great to see Andretti get that chance.”

“I know there are a lot of challenges to make it happen. Right or wrong. That’s how it works. It’s obviously great to see Logan, I don’t know him personally, but he’s American and he’s going to race in F1 next year.”

“So it’s great. I understand why IndyCar drivers are interested in F1, it’s the pinnacle of the sport and I say to anyone who doesn’t get a taste of it, be it a mechanic, an engineer, a pilot or whatever, ‘go ahead’ and do it. do. That’s great.”

“I think people get to a certain point in their lives, careers or whatever, where they realize there is life outside of F1. And for so long I’ve had tunnel vision about it, it was just that and nothing else was. Once you’re there, you think it’s great.”

“But there are things that aren’t so good. And then you have the opportunity to race in another championship like I did. You lose some of the places and the events and the fun and the sexiness of it all. But you also get the raw form of motorsport that you loved as a kid.”

“That’s why it’s very difficult to come back to Formula 1, just to have these nice cars and really nice events. Because there’s a downside. There’s a lot of politics and a lot of things that happen, and as an athlete, as a race. A driver, you really don’t want to get involved in this matter.”

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