Discover Source is Bouygues Telecom’s first responsible and supportive mobile plan

Our digital behavior is not without consequences, whether in our social lives or in the environment. Therefore, he chose to take several deadly actions. Thanks to this small team that knows how to use mobile differently, you can move for the planet. A responsible and supportive package has been prepared for this. It uses the Bouygues Telecom network but, above all, thanks to the partnership with Lilo, it undoubtedly supports many causes. By subscribing to a resource plan, you are truly optimizing your mobile phone usage.

Source Mobile is a responsible proposition

The source is a wide range of mobile services that truly meet the needs of the younger generation who are concerned about better consumption. The minimum price of the package is €10. It includes 40 GB. Calls like SMS and MMS are unlimited. This package is also blocked and not mandatory. So there are no unpleasant surprises. If necessary, you can recharge your mobile phone or stop the subscription. The offer is ideal for budget-conscious people, teenagers and those who want to consume differently. To subscribe to this package, just visit the Source Mobile website.

How do donations work?

Thanks to the responsible and single Source plan, if you don’t use all your gigas, you can donate to organizations that support causes close to your heart. More than 1000 associations are represented. Environment, Solidarity, Mutual Aid or Animal Cause, it’s up to you.

The principle is simple, 1 GB is equal to 20 drops of water. Your package has 40 GB. If you have gigs left at the end of the month, you can transfer them to make a drop. It’s up to you to consult the different projects you want to support from the online directory and then transfer your drops for cancer research to Sea Shepherd France, Les Petits Princes association, SPA or ARC Foundation. You can make a gift every month. Indeed, the package has 40 GB, while the average consumption of the French is 13.4 GB.

Donations are made possible through an exclusive partnership with Lilo, France’s first solidarity search engine. More than 4,682,455 euros have already been donated to associations.

More advice

You can of course subscribe to this next generation plan on the Source Mobile website. But that’s not all. The site offers many tips to reduce your carbon footprint. They are also available in the program of the same name.

Here are some examples. It is recommended to connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible. Why? Because Wi-Fi consumes 4 times less energy than 4G. Regularly sort your notes and downloads to lighten your cloud. Prioritize memory on your hard drive to consume 2 times less energy. When watching videos, prefer HD format to 4K, the difference in terms of image quality on mobile is small, this is not the case for the carbon footprint. Finally, turn off your phone at night. This approach allows you to disable all applications. Many of them are running in the background and therefore constantly. This is exactly why you get so many notifications throughout the day. 34 million emails are sent worldwide every day. Since more than 8 out of 10 letters are not opened, it is recommended to unsubscribe from all newsletters. It is also recommended to limit the use of space to save data.

Source is more than just a mobile proposition. Thanks to the coverage of the Bouygues Telecom network, you benefit from all the advantages of a quality mobile plan, but you no longer waste unused gigs. Instead, you support responsible and supportive causes, associations and projects.

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