Choosing the right IP surveillance camera…

Effectively, an IP surveillance camera ensures the security of your home when you are away and when you are at home.

A reminder of IP surveillance camera operation and its benefits

An IP surveillance camera is one of the powerful devices you can use to secure your home. IP stands for Internet Protocol. So, an IP surveillance camera is a surveillance device connected to the Internet. This equipment can connect remotely to your Internet box via a wired or wireless (Wifi) system. An IP surveillance camera is appreciated for the many advantages it provides. Above all, it aims to prevent burglars and all other malicious people from trying to break into your home. The IP camera also has a screen that allows you to remotely monitor what is happening in your home. In some models, it is even possible to download content to your tablet or smartphone. Moreover, this device is also famous for its simplicity of installation. If you decide to install an IP surveillance camera to optimize your security, choose a Hikvision camera. This device is offered at an attractive price on the pages of Ubitech. There are other equipments that increase its efficiency.

How to choose your IP surveillance camera?

IP surveillance camera comes in different types. Consider your needs to choose. You can find a fixed camera that comes with a rectangular body and is suitable for indoor use. Also discover a bullet chamber with a folding cover for outdoor use. Practically, a pan and tilt camera is also a type of IP surveillance camera that you can install in your home. It is equipped with a rotating head that can cover a large monitoring area. Among the IP cameras, you can also find a compact camera. It is often equipped with a motion detector and a light projector. His superiority is at his disposal. A dome camera is another model that you can easily get. The lens is housed in a painted semicircular dome.

After the type, your choice of IP surveillance camera also depends on the installation location. Indeed, there are models designed for indoor use only. These indoor cameras are designed to provide clear and accurate images indoors. You can also choose outdoor IP surveillance cameras designed for outdoor use. They are characterized by a design resistant to wind, rain and any other environmental factor. Outdoor IP cameras are also perfectly sealed against moisture or dust. They also deploy image optimization features to compensate for poor visibility conditions.

In order not to make a mistake when acquiring an IP surveillance camera, evaluate the viewing angle of the device. This criterion defines the scope. Therefore, when the IP camera provides a wide enough viewing angle, it guarantees a more detailed review and a panoramic view of the house. This feature is especially available in dome IP cameras. Opt for a fixed or bullet camera for a narrower angle of view. It can be installed in the hallway or in your entryway.

There are other important criteria to consider before purchasing an IP surveillance camera.

● Rotation and zoom functions;

● Transmission mode (LAN cable, Wi-Fi or wire);

● Image quality (high resolution, HD, etc.);

● Night vision function;

● Storage capacity (memory card, external computer, connected hard drive or Cloud)

You should know that it is quite possible to connect several IP cameras to create a single surveillance network. In this case, you need to make sure that all the devices are compatible with each other, especially regarding the management software. For more accuracy in the ideal image size for your IP surveillance camera, its choice will depend on its future use. FYI, HD devices are recommended to get sharp images suitable for people identification.

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