The opposition condemns the government’s communication “at the plate”.

POLITICS – Current does not pass. The opposition – from both the right and the left – has sought to criticize the government’s communication amid possible blackouts if the grid becomes overloaded. Critics who intervened at a time when the executive branch was searching for the right tone to show that it was maneuvering without panicking the population. So far without much success.

“Horror scenarios, not for me! », even thundered the President of the Republic, this Tuesday afternoon, on the sidelines of his visit to Albania. And to add: “The role of state bodies, public institutions (…) is not to rule with fear. »

The same irritation on the part of Elisabeth Borne on RTL on Wednesday morning against the promoters of the speeches “very scary”Without really knowing if the Prime Minister was targeting his own government or the Enedis spokesperson’s alarmist statements about people on ventilators.

Return of unprepared proceedings

The opposition does not ask themselves questions. ” If the president is angry, he should be angry with himself and his government. “, So the rebel elected Manuel Bompard RMC in the morning, noted the messages of regret” very contradictory” because the discussion is on the table.

He says there is no problem and targets those he thinks are responsible. And at the same time, there are government decisions, circulars, meetings organized by the prefects to predict the feasibility of these load reduction scenarios. So you need to know whether it is a plausible hypothesis or not. “, So Jean-Luc Mélenchon evaluated the close deputy, for whom this “The complete lack of preparation of the government causes legitimate concerns” with the French.

At the same time, the head of the PS, Olivier For, used the same terms, or almost, in the franceinfo suite. “The president should also blame himself”he claimed. “We are in a country where the government spends its time improvising, with the French as the only adjustment variable”continued a chosen one, also referring to hospital, transport or even inflation.

Olivier Marleix, the leader of the LR deputies, reproaches that appeared even on the right, which the government judged to be ” does whatever it takes to intimidate. »“The management of the fear of France replaces the directionlessness of the President of the Republic.” Lamenting the deputy of Eure-et-Loire in Europe 1, he criticized the fact ” nothing was expected » in terms of energy, price or production. And for years.

“My responsibility is to predict”

It should be noted that the debate about the form has somewhat eluded the government, as it sent a circular to the prefects last week to let them know what to do in the situation. “purposeful and planned blackouts”.

Since then, every sector, from hospitals to transportation to schools, has implemented a plan B in case of power outages, while several operators have made their voices heard about the risks associated with emergency numbers. high-risk patients. »

Enough to infuriate the executive, so… also the prime minister’s pedagogy on RTL this morning. ” When the network manager tells us, ‘If there’s a very cold wave, if we’re not mobilized enough, we can have cuts,’ my responsibility is to make sure everything is ready,” he snapped in response to a journalist who asked about the government’s difficult communication. And to repeat the presidential formula: “Don’t panic!” enough to convince?

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