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Here’s a selection of delicious logs at every price point. photo credit: draw sitepicard.fr

The Yule log is the highlight of the show, a magnificent pastry that closes the festive meal. Whether you like traditional or creative, dark chocolate, milk or orange flavored, our selection is sure to please you at any price. If your budget is tighter, find good logs in supermarkets.

Palaces have class!

Chef Nicolas Guercio at Lutetia has imagined an Art Deco yule log for Christmas 2022 as a tribute to the architecture of this mythical palace. Truffle lovers will love it, as the chocolate and praline flavors of this exceptional yule log go well with real Périgord truffles (to order from 01 49 54 46 00 by 22 December,

145 euros

magazine for 10). If you can’t choose a particular flavor, Bûche aux Cing Saveurs, imagined by Royal Monceau’s pastry chef Quentin Lechat, is for you. So 5-in-1 cakes to order from November 20th (

110 euros

for 8 people).

At the Hotel de Crillon, Matthieu Carlin goes back to basics and offers a yule log in the form of a yule log! If the shape is traditional, chocolate lovers will appreciate the taste of high-quality chocolate from Madagascar, which differs in taste from classic chocolate (available to order on the hotel’s website from November 24).

105 euros

6 parts).

Once again this year, the yule log created by chef Michael Bartocetti at the Four Seasons Hotel George V is one of the capital’s best and best. This magnificent pastry in the shape of a fir tree combines the taste of citrus fruits, the sweetness of honey, the crunch of almonds and the delicacy of high-class chocolate. It’s available at the hotel’s pop-up shop from December 16 to January 8 (

135 euros

10 parts).

More reasonable prices on pies

The whole team at Dalloyau offers you cakes to celebrate the house’s 340th anniversary and the end of 2022 together. Bûche Starlite shines with a thousand lights and delights you from December 5 (

89 euros

for 6). Dalloyau has many devotees in the world who do not miss the celebration of the year for anything. Élodie tested it for you. He testifies to his enthusiasm: “

Every year a new Dalloyau log makes my whole family happy.

In the district of Batignolles, Jeffrey Cagnes has been running his bakery for two years and this year he is offering beautiful yule logs at affordable prices. With chocolate, lemon or tatin style, here’s something to impress your guests on a budget

45 euros

6 parts. Jeffrey Cagnes Bakery has 4.5 stars and 282 reviews on Google. Jérémy tried it for you: ”

For my son’s birthday, I wanted to make us happy and for some time I wanted to discover the dishes of this chef, whom I knew through various TV shows. I did well!

At Le Jardin Sucré, Rue de Courcelles in the 17th arrondissement, if you’re looking for originality, you’ll be delighted with Pistachio and Orange Blossom Logs, Black Sesame and Yuzu or Madagascar Vanilla and Peanut (

56 euros

6 parts).

Available in nineteen arrondissements of Paris as well as in Tokyo, traditional Landemaine bakeries have vegans in mind. With 100% respect for life, they offer yule logs without butter, milk, cream, oil or eggs for Christmas. The most amazing thing is that the vegetable tastes like a traditional cake (

39 euros

6 parts).

In the 10th arrondissement, rue de Hauteville, Bulliz, a “cabbage eatery,” serves homemade cabbage on a log for cheap (

50 euros

for 6 people). Bulliz seems to agree among foodies like Eric: “Excellent, very fresh cabbage. Different flavors according to the seasons. For pastry lovers, this is a shop not to be missed!”

Cheap delicacies in supermarkets

It is quite possible to find very good logs in the supermarket. We have made a small selection of all the products available on the market. It was applauded by the journalists of the magazine


, Carrefour’s 3-chocolate frozen log is ideal for foodies on a tight budget. A mixture of several chocolates is sold


For 8 people. Rocher log with hazelnut, pistachio and brownie from Picard is a wonderful classic that you can think outside of the pastry chef’s dishes (


6 parts). Françoise swears by this Picard journal: “

This cake allows me to serve a great dessert without spending too much.

Auchan offers the prince of the islands yule log, a royal dessert.


for 6. But logs sold in the frozen section of supermarkets often contain many additives, flavors and other additives. A word of advice, read the labels because you might end up as disappointed as Suzanne: ”

I’ve only bought industrial log once and I’m not going to do it again, it tasted like chemical strawberry and was awfully sweet.

Just pay for the ingredients and add some elbow grease

If you have the time and a little know-how, Cyril Lignac offers you his recipe for 6 people. Prepare 2 egg yolks, 3 whole eggs, 6 egg whites, 285 grams of sugar, 85 grams of flour, 125 grams of mascarpone, 25 centimeters of liquid cream, chocolate chips, approx.

12 euros

. In the first bowl, pour the egg yolks and all the eggs, add 135 grams of sugar and whisk. Then add 85 grams of flour. In the second bowl, beat six egg whites to which you added 85 grams of sugar twice. Put everything in the first bowl. Spread this paste on a silicone plate with an edge. Put in a very hot oven, 210 degrees, for five minutes. At the same time, you will take care to prepare a cream with 125 grams of mascarpone, 25 centimeters of cream, 65 grams of sugar and chocolate chips. Remove the dough from the oven, spread the cream on it and roll it all up. And here is a delicious yule log at a very low price.

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