The government is (again) debating immigration, deforestation products banned in Europe, the final choice of the American “mid-term elections”… This Tuesday’s morning news


France’s Medicines Agency accuses Levothyrox of “fraud”. In June 2019, the agency conducted a study of two million patients using the drug and concluded that switching to a new formulation did not produce any results. “serious health problems”. It is now the target of a class action by more than 1,000 plaintiffs.

The European Union bans the import of products resulting from deforestation. The European Parliament and EU Member States agreed overnight Monday to Tuesday to ban the import of several products into the European Union, such as cocoa, coffee or soy, as they contribute to deforestation.

Indonesia criminalizes sex outside of marriage. Indonesia’s parliament approved a bill on Tuesday that would criminalize sex outside of marriage. Human rights activists condemn the law, which they say is a blow to freedoms and a slide toward fundamentalism in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

The migrant camp in the center of Strasbourg has been evacuated. The migrant camp, which has been set up for several months on the Place de l’Etoile near the ultra-center of Strasbourg and has been the subject of several exchanges of arms between the town hall and the prefecture, began to be evacuated by the police on Tuesday morning. six o’clock. On Monday, the mayor of the city announced in court for the attack on the province “failure” sheltering people on the street.

Russia has condemned a new attack by a Ukrainian drone on the airfield. The governor said Tuesday that a drone had attacked an airfield in Russia’s Kursk region on the border with Ukraine. On Monday, Moscow accused Kiev of striking two of its air bases with drones.

Climate-damaging costs are rising in France. According to the non-governmental organization Réseau Action Climat, climate and environment-damaging public spending is increasing in France under the influence of a tariff shield aimed at curbing the rise in energy prices. “At least €67 billion of public money contributes to climate change” A jump from the 25 billion recorded in 2022, according to a report published Tuesday by the association, which brings together the main NGOs fighting climate change.

It will continue today

Immigration debate in Parliament again. Elisabeth Borne will present an outline of another immigration bill to the Assembly this Tuesday, with a debate among MPs. The text is due in the spring, under the leadership of ministers Gerald Darman (Home Affairs) and Olivier Dussopt (Labour). Let it go met several persons without residence permits working in the public sector. All are at risk of being fired, despite a job filling a French labor shortage. Ditto for the 2024 Olympics.

The second round of “mid-term elections” in Georgia. Trump’s shadow hangs over the last midterm election ballot. If the Georgia senatorial run-off this Tuesday has little influence on Congress, it could further weaken the former president, who was widely criticized this weekend for calling for the abandonment of the Constitution.


Toxic Waste: A Dust Barrel in the Heart of Montreuil. Right in the middle of Seine-Saint-Denis, an abandoned metallurgical plant where flammable and toxic waste is still stored poses a high risk to the environment and the population. But the bankrupt ex-operator and the State money pass. Our survey.

The interview

Abolition of moral police in Iran: “It’s not cancelled, we’ve over-interpreted this announcement”. Historian Jonathan Piron, an expert on Iran, recalls “The claims of the protesters go deeper than the issue of wearing a single veil”. Our interview.

The CheckNews

What do the “Twitter files” released by Elon Musk reveal? Twitter’s new owner, Hunter Biden, has promised revelations about the underside of censorship by his platform in 2020, the first part of which was published on Saturday. Read CheckNews.


Alain Aspect, quantum breaks. At the age of 75, the Nobel Prize in Physics avoids existential questions and praises the art of reasoning and experimental proof. Our profile.

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