Media hospital: Minister Agnès Firmin Le Bodo wants to reassure the South Aveyronnais

On Monday, December 5, invited by the deputy Jean-François Rousset, Minister Representative for Care approved the site for the creation of the future secondary hospital in the city of Saint-Georges de Luzençon.

Usignature for the new hospital and letter of intent for the CPTS project in South Aveyron. These are two good reasons to make me a happy minister. I will not return to Paris empty-handed.”

Responding to the invitation of MP Jean-Francois Rousset, Ministerial Representative for Territorial Organization and Health Professions, Agnes Firmin, visited South Aveyron yesterday to firmly approve the Le Bodeau hospital project. deploy equipment by 2028.

“After difficult years on the project, let’s calm down, now all the planets are aligned to see this hospital project come to fruition soon, its success is as always the result of a collective effort. Here will be a hospital. The latest in 5 years, a truly beautiful instrument that everyone can be proud of. Common interest prevailed.”

The eagerly awaited announcement, however, brought smiles to the mayors of Millau and Saint-Affrique. “Dynamic set in motion, Emmanuelle welcomed Gazelle, We need to act now as quickly as possible to protect the care offer in our area.” Quick? “No later than 2028the mayor who does not forget the relevance of everyday life continues. This perspective gives us a breath of fresh air, but we are particularly mobilized to ensure that our hospitals are not closed due to staff shortages or technical problems.

A recent memory of a maternity hospital that was forced to close its doors over the weekend due to a shortage of anesthetists has left its mark. If the hope of seeing the first stone fall next year is reassuring, it will not eliminate the problems experienced by all areas of France, “giant medical desert” with violent appetite.

“Everything will be built”

Does the average hospital, even a new one, have the ability to solve the problem of medical desertion? The minister did not fail to demonstrate this to this question, which regularly comes up during exchanges with elected officials and health professionals. “It is necessary to respond to access to the price so it is good to be able to develop such structures with a more satisfactory road network than what I have seen in rural areas. Then everything will be built slowly…” As a means of providing hospital care, an exit or a means of attracting newcomers to institutions that will soon face mass retirements. The Secretary of State stated that young practitioners do not always envision a medical priesthood when we know that the increase in the number clause will only have an effect in a short decade. “Today, it takes three doctors to replace just one doctor” knows that the next seven years will be from this point of view “very hard”.

“We miss everything”

“We talk about doctors, specialists, pharmacists, but today everything is simple, we lack everything. But we need all health workers”in response to those who didn’t stop yesterday, he asks the pharmacist, instructively, to warn them that he is having trouble bringing in caregivers. “Recognize that it will always be easier to attract caregivers with a new hospital that remains more attractive than a less new hospital.”– replied the minister.

At this last point, “everything must be done” will he recognize by explaining that he can be relied on “collective and plural solutions” to address the difficult problem of medical desertification. A worrisome topic facing almost all French territories, primarily the Ile de France.

“There are as many answers as there are territoriesAgnès Firmin Le Bodeau claims, but who says that the professions are attractive, the attractiveness of the areas also says. The two go hand in hand. We can have attractive professions, but if the area is not attractive, it does not work. It is best to develop both at the same time. For example, with the offer of accommodation for doctors, interns, students… This is a problem. The problem is collective.”

The Department, which is very active on the subject, has announced that it wants to allocate an envelope of “at least” 30 million euros for the development of access to the future secondary hospital, and that the Region wants to receive its own money. full part. “Aveyron is a truly inspiring areaDistrict Vice President Vincent Bounes ends. “The average age of doctors is the youngest in Occitania.” We will have to be able to catch the young people.

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