“I am surprised that ecology is a political party”

THE INTERVIEW – The legendary artist, who is a scandalous trend pop star, signs his return to France with a new album, Polnareff sings Polnareff (intercom), and an evening event on Tuesday, December 6 at France 2.

TV MAGAZINEHow is the Admiral at 78? (his nickname on social networks, Ed)?

Michel POLNAREFF – The Admiral is doing well.

your album Polnareff sings Polnareff (Parlophone) specifically offering piano-sounding versions of twelve of your titles spanning the years 1966-1972. Laze Ball, holidays, I’m sorryWhere Love Me Please Love Mewhy this choice?

Scrapbook Finally! It wasn’t the success I expected, and there was a long-standing desire for fans to listen to me more sincerely. So, although I was not interested at first, I was interested and then fascinated by rearranging my songs on the piano. I discovered that the earlier songs were really good, even though I couldn’t always remember what key they were in! I am happy with the reception. We have over a million views on YouTube. These versions allow me to share key information with the public.

“With the album where Polnareff sings Polnareff, I share my essentials with the public.”

How did you choose your songs? It does not appear in the album I am a manwhich was a great success, is no longer fashionable? What was your common theme?

I am still a man, I assure you! No, actually my choice fell on titles that I could read on my own. I had a problem with We will all go to heaven and I am a man, I had to fill in this gap because these are songs sung by the people in chorus. I finally got away from it We all go to heaven.

This interview takes place in a Paris hotel, is this your only home base when you come to France? Do you still consider yourself French?

I have nothing in France, no pied-a-terre, no family, but I no longer live in a hotel, I stay with friends. I consider myself French living in the US and especially in California. I miss France when I’m there. I will be able to circulate there.

You like to bring technology to your shows. In “Michel Polnareff, evening event”, Tuesday, December 6 France 2, You encounter yourself through holograms and outside of time in a clip Letter to Franceyou reproduce using three avatars wearing blue white red jackets, what is the message?

Letter to France It’s kind of a call to regroup, the three colors represent a reunited France, but personally I don’t have any colors but black! I love technology. I think that we are in a very difficult world, at the crossroads of times. The advancement of technology is the only positive thing in society today. This is a reflection of some coldness in a changing world. The public has many options, including staying at home, watching platforms, so as an artist, you have to bring something else. Stromae presents very interesting scenes in their shows. Music for video Letter to FranceI shot below 60 degrees in the Morongo Valley during the worst drought.

“Lettre à France is a kind of call for regrouping, the three colors represent a reunited France, but personally I have no color but black! »

Do you want to pass on your passion for music to your son Louka?

Yes, it is important, he is the super talented Louka. He is almost 12 years old, still in school, but there is no music in his life that suits my taste. He is searching, between sports and technology, he has not yet decided which path he wants to take. But outside of school he plays piano and bass. I find it strange that an 11-year-old is attracted to bass music, it’s heavy, you can’t play it alone. The piano has the advantage of being an orchestra of its own. But he also plays the bassoon.

In the title Who killed my grandmother?you have already waxed poetic about the destruction of life and live in the hearth of the California desert, how do you feel about ecology and global warming?

I guess it’s a bit late and I’m surprised that environmentalism is a political party, but hey, it is what it is. There is a dire threat to the planet, it is clear. Either we save the planet or we all go with it. I hope we fall short of our attempts. Louka and I are a little stuck discussing this because he’s a very humble guy and I’m not the one telling him it’s dangerous to be on earth.

But We will all go to heaven ?

I hope so, but to be honest, it’s better to be heaven on earth! First you need to be insured!

Michel Polnareff for his latest album Polnareff sings Polnareff (Parlophone), the piano sound of twelve of his best tunes. Gys Danny/Reporters/ABACA

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