Bill Gates didn’t believe it, Elon Musk did, decide for yourself

Tesla released a video showing the new electric truck and its titanic autonomy. This really shows that the Semi can travel 800 kilometers on a single charge with a full trailer.

Tesla Semi // Source: Tesla

A few days ago, Tesla held a grand turn-key ceremony for the all-new Semi. First delivery intended for PepsiCo, completing a few years of waiting, while the first prototype of the truck was unveiled five years ago. After several years of delay, Semi is finally hitting the roads.

Incredible autonomy

To say the least, Tesla’s electric truck has some pretty incredible specs. Although full details about it are yet to be revealed, and the total power output is unknown, it is known to be powered by three electric motors, just like the Tesla Model S Plaid. However, we know it must be very high, because Tesla released a video showing the truck’s incredible acceleration on a 6% incline.

But it’s clear that’s not the only craziness about this new vehicle ahead of the launch of the Cybertruck, which is slated for it sometime next year. Because now the Texas-based firm has shown another side of the truck again in an impressive video. This then takes the form of a timelapse and shows the new Tesla Semi driving down an American highway with 800 km of autonomy thanks to its several-ton battery, the equivalent of 9 Tesla Model S batteries!

A 1:59-minute sequence with one goal: to prove that a truck can do it to travel a very long distance without a single charge. While handing over the keys to the first two copies, Elon Musk said that his car had traveled more than 800 kilometers with 37 tons of cargo without stopping. As he explained later, a real performance that contrasted with some unconvincing people Electrek.

Starting with Bill Gates closing Elon Musk in 2020, the latter has already announced a very long distance for the truck. The Microsoft founder believed that the semi-trailer would not be able to travel very far on a single charge, explaining that installing a large battery will add weight, thus reducing autonomy. As we explained in the previous article, a large battery is not always the best solution and does not always rhyme with great distance.

Great performance

The video therefore proves that travel is possible for Sammy more than 800 km on one charge, with a 37-ton trailer from Fremont to San Diego. As the graph published by the brand shows, the truck starts its journey with a 97% full battery and reaches its destination with only 4%. Elon Musk clarifies this the pattern used is standard and has not been modified. On the other hand, the course did not say anything about the average speed, and the size of the batteries has not yet been revealed.

However, we do know that there will be two versions, About 500 and 800 kilometers apartwhereas the electric truck is compatible with hyper-power charging developed by the manufacturer.

It actually works on Megachargers (also known as Superchargers V4) capable of delivering an incredible power of more than 1 MW or 1000 kW. So it only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery from 10 to 80. % 1400 kW.

This system should also be able to be used by the Tesla Cybertruck, as announced by Elon Musk a few days ago. The latter also confirmed that the consumption of the electric truck has decreased 1.7 kWh per mile, equal to approximately 105 kWh/100 km. This remains relatively reasonable when you know that this value is specified with a loaded trailer.

Tesla plans to produce 500 copies of his Semi every year in the US to begin with. If the truck proves to be a success, the American brand could then expand to other markets, such as Europe. Because orders have not yet been opened in the Old Continent. With other manufacturers such as Volvo and Renault Trucks entering the electric truck segment, the firm will have a lot of work to do next. However, the currently offered models are not currently targeting the same customer.

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