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• Auto123 Tests 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance.

• For Tesla, performance and engineering are more important than design.

Auto123 thanks car-sharing agency Turo for covering the rental costs for this four-day trial.

Tesla, the automaker that came out of nowhere in the mid-2000s, has become a staple of the electric revolution. In fact, we can say that thanks in part to this American manufacturer, the industry currently only has eyes for the electric motor.

Tesla is not a car manufacturer like others, and taking a car from the brand for a test drive requires some creativity. Our solution? A copy is available for temporary rental, which can be done for a day, three days, a week or even a month. Turo is widely distributed in the United States, Great Britain and Canada.

Easy to learn program
To enter this world of private and shared vehicles, you must first download the app through a smart device. Turo offers its users parameters such as the distance between your home and your car, the costs associated with each car, the price for a day, a week or a month.

Once the vehicle you want is found, there is some information to provide – other additional options such as availability dates, type of payment and desired type of insurance. Otherwise, your private auto insurance takes over.

Then it is possible to chat directly with the owner of the car through the chat. In my case, the rental gave me a maximum range of 1600 km in five days. That was fine with me because I had to drive another car to Toronto…a gas powered one!

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2022 Tesla Y Performance - Three Quarters Behind

More correct assembly
Everything has been said about the casual build quality of Tesla products. To my surprise, the 2022 Model Y I drove was pretty well built. No matter how much I looked around the body panels, I couldn’t find any overly noticeable gaps, not even a major blemish on the charcoal gray paint.

Without spending three hours analyzing every little detail of the car’s exterior, my first impression was excellent for a car with such an enviable reputation on the Internet.

Apart from giving me the impression of being devoid of life, even the interior didn’t bore me. Clad in dark gray or black plastic panels, the interior of the crossover is fairly monochromatic, except for the strips of wood that run between the fascia and the front door panels.

Tesla Y Performance 2022 - Wheel

Yes, it’s true, the glass roof adds a lot of light. But please Tesla, consider offering other colors inside your cars. An all-white cabin is available as an option, but with calcium and sludge in the winter, it seems like a no-brainer to me unless you’re friends with a car cleaning expert.

Some plastic panels are quite cheap, while others are nicely designed like a felt pad for wireless charging of a smart device.

For a car with a starting price of $90,000 (for this Performance livery), I would have liked Alcantara suede or perforated leather seats, but no, not even on the seats or the 40/20/40 folding rear seat. .

That bench seat doesn’t fold completely flat for transporting bulkier items, but hey, the Model Y is a family car, not a delivery van.

Going back to this ultra-minimalist dashboard, I have to admit that I would have liked to see some traditional controls added to it. But at the risk of repeating myself, Tesla does things differently. Almost everything is controlled by this large touchscreen and several controls located around the steering wheel. The only command to remember is on the doors: small buttons replace traditional handles to open them.

Tesla Y Performance 2022 - Seats

Popular touch screen
Here too, using the backbone of this car was a success… after some trial and error I must admit. I would like a set of commands to be universal for all car brands. For example, by activating the left lever with some wiper logos on it, you need to control the screen where the menu at the bottom left of the screen shows the different speeds of the system.

The gear lever is installed on the right of the steering column and its operation is simpler.

While it’s true that interacting with all of the car’s digital functions is quite complicated – there are a lot of options and menus – the screen controls, on the other hand, are frankly amazing. The graphics are sharp, the screen response is excellent, and the options are endless. Discovering the four corners of the system, you can literally lose a few minutes (during the mandatory filling in the direction of Toronto).

The thing is, even if the screen is a pleasant surprise, it doesn’t change the fact that the driver has to pay attention to the road ahead. With so many options in the center of the dashboard, it would almost be advisable to travel with a co-driver to keep an eye on the screen while driving.

Tesla Y Performance 2022 - Steering wheel, dashboard

I must admit that before getting behind the wheel of this electric crossover, my expectations were quite high. To record so many sales, Tesla had to find a recipe that worked, right?

From the first laps behind the wheel, I understood what attracts Tesla followers. With a quiet, smooth ride (on a good road) and relatively precise steering – thanks to the 21-inch wheels – the Model Y Performance is also an acceleration monster when you press hard on the right pedal.

Still, the car is heavy and the dampers are tuned for smooth surfaces like a pool table. As soon as the tarmac deteriorates, the Model Y shakes its occupants. We’re not talking about an unpleasant ride, but next to the new luxury electric crossovers, the Model Y doesn’t offer such a quiet experience.

These fairly stiff suspension settings also affect body noise and some loose panels inside the cabin.

2022 Tesla Y Performance - Rear seats

On the other hand, the powertrain gets the job done well, delivering 456 horsepower and a peak torque of 471 lb-ft. Accelerations are thunderous, especially in Sport mode, where the explosiveness of the mechanics is evident, and timings are also very satisfying. Suppose that overtaking is done in the blink of an eye. I also really liked the single pedal ride which was very easy to modulate.

Autonomy… and autonomous driving
As far as range goes, the 401’s higher cadence definitely hurt my power usage. I got an average consumption of 21.4kW/100km, better than the RnC (Natural Resources Canada) estimate of around 390km thanks to lots of acceleration (instead of the promised 488km) and an average speed of 120km/h.

The Autopilot system was also tested during this long journey. It assists the driver on the highway but doesn’t completely take over. The system responded quite well, even reacting quite sharply when a heavy truck drifted out of its lane. Fortunately, more fear than harm.

Tesla Y Performance 2022 - Luggage 2022 Tesla Y Performance - Front Trunk

Last word… and a big fine!
The Tesla Model Y reminds me of the slightly canceled Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, a sedan built for the rally championship and relying on its incredible running gear to entice enthusiasts, but suffering from a basic interior. It’s the same story here.

Everything important is hidden under the body. The design of the car is simple but functional, and the interior is too refined for my taste. All the engineering under the hood explains why Tesla is so successful in my opinion.

Also, while the supply crunch is causing headaches for other automakers, it doesn’t appear to be the case for Tesla, at least on the surface. It also has a more developed network of charging stations than others, which undoubtedly prompts drivers to turn to Elon Musk’s cars.

While the Model Y passed the test without a hitch, there was a flashback that caused me some headaches. Indeed, after handing over the keys to the owner, the latter informed me that he had damage to the rim of his right rear tire (very summary). Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to take detailed photos of all the tires (before they were taken apart) and my own photos aren’t clear enough to show that the damage is already on the car. Therefore, I had to comply with the $500 deductible provided by the Turo insurance policy.

Tesla Y Performance 2022 - Logo

We love

The technical side
Very sensitive touch screen

We love less

Limited rear visibility
The suspension is very strong
A central screen that draws the driver’s attention a little too much

The main competition

Audi Q4 e-tron
Cadillac Lyric
Genesis GV60
Jaguar I Pace
Volvo XC40 charging / C40 charging

2022 Tesla Y Performance - First Three Quarters

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