With Olivia Grégoire, Minister Responsible for SMEs, Trade, Crafts and Tourism

The interview

How is business in France in the weeks before Christmas? As European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde pointed out this week, inflation is weighing on all sectors that have yet to peak and is expected to continue in the coming months. ..

Many are concerned if the government has implemented systems (rate shield, help desk, etc.) to support businesses of all sizes. In recent days, butchers and bakers have shown and warned that prices are rising and their conditions are getting tighter…

This Saturday, Alexandra Bensaid hosts the Minister responsible for SMEs, Trade, Crafts and Tourism. Olivia Gregoire.

24 min


Immigration, a burden or an opportunity for our economy?

2 min

Now we must be bad to the bad and nice to the good.“Thus, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, he concluded:

in the interview The world early Novemberthe state of mind of the government’s immigration bill, which is due to be debated and voted on in early 2023. Until then, on December 6, MPs will participate in a general debate on migration policy in the National Assembly.

In the bill, the government proposes a residence permit to regularize illegal workers who are already employed in particularly demanding jobs. In parallel, it is envisaged to tighten the expulsions.

The text is already inciting political clans. So, from an economic perspective, is immigration an opportunity or a burden? Eric HeyerHead of the Analysis and Forecasting Department

OFCEand Jean-Marc DanielProfessor of ESCP Europe, opened the debate.

37 min


Three weeks before Christmas, this Saturday we are interested in the engine of France’s growth: consumption! Slow engine. Thus, compared to 2021, household consumption decreased by 6%, while prices increased by 6%.

So, consume or save? The French draw this choice with increasing vigilance. The savings rate is rising and consumption is falling: it fell by 2.8% in October alone. This is the strongest slide since the spring of 2021.

This decrease is explained by the decrease in the energy demand of the French, who take the car less. But then because they buy less of everything: less phones, less food, less clothes… As a result, for many merchants, it’s a scissor effect: customers are less inclined to put their hands in their wallets when they are in the account book. , costs increase. This is what you hear on the microphoneAgnes Soubiran He chose to film in Arras, a medium-sized town in the Pas-de-Calais, and took the shopping alley, rue Saint-Aubert, in the background.

It happens there

This Saturday, a detour through Canada, a country of almost 40 million people that now wants to attract half a million foreigners every year by 2025. This is the new goal of their accelerated immigration policy.

we talk about it Pascale GuericolasFrance Inter correspondent in Canada.

42 min

This is my life

This week he answers a question from Véronique Sandrine Foulon. Sandrine was born in 1962. He understood that the pension reform project would affect him. So why start with 1961 and not 1963 or 1966 as we have heard? wants to know.

3 min

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