What is the government’s action plan?

The 2nd Council of Ministers of Children was held on November 21, 2022. Ability to make suggestions on disability for children under 12 years of age. Have they been listened to? Response within the inter-ministerial committee for children.

Childhood is a priority for the five-year period “, Elisabeth Borne recalled on the occasion of the second meeting of the Council of Ministers for Children on November 21, 2022. Twenty young people between the ages of 8 and 12 participated in Matignon and worked on five topics that concerned them: environment, school, access to culture and sports and digital , health and disability (article in the link below). After they left, the Prime Minister held the first meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Children. novice ministers Under 18 years of age. A week later, the government announced its priorities for children in three key areas and around forty measures: combating violence, ensuring equal opportunities and action for development and the future. The project, led by Charlotte Kaubel, Secretary of State for Children, will run for two years. The issue of disability connects the second reading “ ensuring equal opportunities for children and youth “.

Support for protected and disabled children

A number of measures specifically concern the support of children with disabilities during 2023-2024. Thus, the Ministry of Solidarity and the State Secretariat for Children’s Issues ” strengthen the identification of people with disabilities from an early age throughout the area “,” increase the resources of medical and social services responsible for keeping children at home », to bring medical and social specialists closer to the school « to promote inclusive education for all children » or even « facilitating access to care for children with multiple disabilities or cerebral palsy “. Disabilities will also be addressed in children affected by child protection measures. According to a 2015 Ombudsman report, the proportion of children in child protection care who benefit from MDPH recognition is around 17% (since this proportion has been revised upwards to 25%) estimated), with a predominance of mental and mental disabilities. Separate structures with dual education and care support should be increased, with the creation of mobile groups to support professionals. Also, practices Protected Health “and” Pegasus The program, which began in 2019 and offers standardized follow-up and early psychological care to young children in custody to prevent the long-term consequences of child abuse, will continue.

A” Act II of the inclusive school »

The state also announces what it wants to better welcome and promote the integration of children with disabilities “. The ministries of Disabled Persons, Children, Health and Solidarity intend to do this” improving the diagnosis of disorders related to the expansion of autism platforms and neurodevelopmental disorders by conducting specific studies “. In other words, the autism strategy is renewed for four years (2023-2027). Almost ten years after the school restructuring law and the emergence of the principle of inclusive education, the authorities ” Act II of the inclusive school » By 2023, with the aim of identifying interim solutions for the admission of children with disabilities who are not protected. The development of daily thirty minutes of physical activity in medical and social institutions is also part of the goals. Finally, the last announcement: Assizes de la santé des enfants et de la Pédiatrie will be held in the spring of 2023. improve children’s physical and mental health “. Preventive measures, improving care for children in the city and hospitals and strengthening child psychiatry will be on the menu of this nationwide meeting.

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