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We are regularly asked the question: “What do you recommend as an electric car?”. “. It’s hard to answer this question quickly, because it depends on the budget, the needs, the context… but honestly, aside from these considerations, the Tesla brand stands out. Why? Exactly, we’ll answer that question.

Tesla Model 3 // Source: Unsplash

Software, Tesla’s breakthrough

If there’s one thing Tesla doesn’t disappoint, it’s software. Their approach to software is completely new in the automotive industry. Tesla is way ahead of everyone else in the car business, and that’s one of the problems. The competition is not bad, especially when we see the future interface of Mégane E-Tech or Volvo EX90 with Android Automotive. But overall, automakers are lagging far behind, at least in terms of actually giving Tesla new ideas and outpacing Tesla in terms of software.

You will tell me, but why? First, the vast majority of vehicles cannot perform over-the-air (OTA) software updates other than infotainment or navigation software data. Updates are common at Tesla and bring both fixes and optimizations as well as new features. It is the same approach as we know in our smartphones and with more regular updates. These software updates also save Tesla a fortune by avoiding costly recalls. During the semiconductor crisis, the same observation made Tesla adapt the software to the available parts so as not to slow down production.

Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

Then it becomes liquid. Very liquid. If we’ve talked so much about the processor powering the Tesla infotainment system, namely the AMD chip in the latest models, it’s because the latter offers exceptional performance (for a car). Unlike most cars on the market that have Android Auto or Apple Carplay, thereby delegating computing power to the smartphone, Tesla has decided to embrace its independence from these two tech giants. So today it needs all the computing power possible in an infotainment system, but it also needs to be efficient over time.

Scheduler is efficient // Source: Frandroid

We should also mention the importance of after sales software. This is definitely a real benefit of having such tightly integrated software. With diagnosis recovery and remote correction, Tesla can thus offer a personalized approach and act quickly. Everything is controlled from the app. Rather, let’s talk about the application. It certainly offers more features than its competitors. You can give your friends temporary access, remotely turn on the air conditioning or heating, activate watchdog mode for increased control, and more.


Elon Musk built his electric car company, Tesla, around the promise that it would represent the future of self-driving cars – the automaker’s website says. Many of these promises centered around Aupilote. Mr. Musk has repeatedly said that truly autonomous driving is almost within reach, and that this capability will be rolled out to drivers via OTA updates.

Tesla Model 3 on autopilot navigation // Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

While this approach raises safety concerns, including much debate over which hardware to use, it’s clear that Tesla is one step closer to fully autonomous driving. In France, even Autopilot is a device that combines adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance, all thanks to sensors and cameras. For these functions, Tesla is the best performer. The EV chain has conducted many tests on this topic; every time Tesla comes out on top.

In the US, this is not unreasonable, as it is possible for some Tesla drivers in the US to use the beta version of the self-driving capability. Customers who specifically desire and have sufficient safety scores to demonstrate safe driving skills can purchase and use this option. The data is then transmitted to Tesla, who can continue to improve their device and make it available to everyone once development is complete.

So it seems to be on the right track. Even if this system always requires some vigilance from the driver, who must be able to regain control at any time, it allows you to travel anywhere, including in the city.

Electrical efficiency

When we say electric cars, we are talking about autonomy. The two topics are related because it is the concern of drivers. And it’s completely legal: no one wants to end up with a dead battery in the middle of a trip. This is already the case with the phone, which has become a vital object in our daily life. While it is easy to estimate a full gas tank (except for shortages) with a thermal vehicle, a 100% electric vehicle requires a completely different organization, focusing more on foresight.

The consumption of an electric car is expressed in kWh per 100 kilometers, that is, concretely speaking, the energy the car needs to travel these 100 kilometers. For a thermal vehicle, we are talking about liters of fuel consumed. The pattern is the same: the lower the fuel or kWh consumption, the longer the car can last.

You don’t have to have the biggest battery to get the best efficiency. Quite the opposite. You can go through visible equipment (such as aerodynamic discs) or invisible (a heat pump that recycles hot air to better control cabin temperatures). There are levers to move efficiency in the right direction.

In this regard, Tesla is one of the very good students indeed, as the Model 3 Propulsion is one of the least energy-efficient electric vehicles. Combining this efficiency with fast charging speeds results in an electric vehicle that provides maximum comfort for long journeys.

Everything is standard

When you buy a Tesla, it’s a new experience. You don’t need to go to the dealers, although you can if you want, everything is on the official website.

The order takes at most 5 minutes, with other manufacturers it sometimes takes 20 minutes just for the configuration phase. Why? Simply because everything is standard. Basic autopilot functions, heat pump, fast AC and DC charging, heated seats, infotainment… Admittedly, there are two to three trim levels with different performance, as well as some colors and frame sizes, but that’s about it. You will not have any unpleasant surprises.

In Renault, the heat pump is not standard, moreover, be careful, there are different fillers combined according to the finishing characteristics.

The choice of Megane E-Tech in Renault can be more complicated with all its subtleties. We also reviewed the configurator in a dedicated article to make sure you make the right choice.

Same observation for price, you pay the same price as everyone else. Finally, you don’t need to visit several dealers and negotiate to understand that your neighbor got a bigger discount than you.

Super downloaders

Imagine an alternate universe where the gas station experience is reserved for drivers of one type of vehicle only. Peugeot owners, myself included, can pull up to a pump, swipe their credit card and fill up in the blink of an eye. All other drivers have to endure the tedious process of flipping through an app (or season pass wallet), registering for a season pass, or touching a well-worn touch screen before it’s fully functional.

As interesting as it sounds, it’s not the gist of the next dystopian blockbuster. Mad Max: Gasoline Strikes Back. In a nutshell, that’s the reality electric car owners face today: a world where charging is pretty seamless for people driving a Tesla, and often to everyone’s annoyance.

In contrast, with Tesla, at Supercharger, you simply plug the cable into your car and charging starts automatically before being charged to the bank account linked to the car. Other manufacturers are getting into it, especially with the Plug & Charge feature.

Conclusion: Superchargers are plentiful, easy to find, easy to use, and may be the best reason to choose Tesla over a competitor.

This is not possible for other manufacturers

You may all wonder when you come across this observation…”But what else can I buy from Tesla?“. Honestly, it’s not just software or Superchargers that drives Tesla, it’s all these strengths that make Tesla’s offering so compelling and unique.

On closer inspection, competing cars do better on long journeys, such as the Kia EV6, thanks to charging speed and measured consumption. Others will be just as good in standard options as the upcoming Fisker Ocean. Others, like the MG4, are better value for money.

Kia EV6 GT // Source: Kia

While Tesla’s approach has attracted attention, its success has led other automakers to rethink how they build and market their vehicles, especially when it comes to electric vehicles.

Tesla showed that making a car could be done differently, but it also showed how difficult it is in many ways to make a car. Its uniqueness and attributes gave it a certain success: it allowed consumers to completely ignore the fact that it was often not of high quality. After all, for many consumers, inappropriate bodywork, sloppy paint jobs and various problems do not matter.

The impact of technology is attracting buyers who are not traditional car enthusiasts but see Tesla as impressive technology.

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