“Spill is a last resort! »

Don’t panic, it’s useless and it’s not true”, In an interview broadcast on TF1 on Friday, Emmanuel assured Macron about possible power cuts this winter. His Energy Transition Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher warns: big companies to avoid cuts their sobriety plan obligations.

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Deputies are considering the bill on renewable energy (EnR) from Monday. Do you have the majority to pass it?
Since August, I have tried to reach a compromise with all groups in the Parliament. I tested this method to vote on the climate package at the European level. It is an effective way. In the Senate, 320 parliamentarians voted in favor of the text, 5 voted against it, and everyone said it was impossible. In the assembly, we took suggestions from the deputies, especially from the leftists and LIOT. [Liberté, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires]. All conditions have been created for them to vote on this text. This is more so because these parties have prioritized the acceleration of renewable energies and we have proven that co-construction is possible. I invite the right to vote on this text, as in the Senate: I know its commitment to the energy independence of our country.

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Which proposals of the left do you support?
On Tuesday again, during a meeting with senators and deputies of all groups, we tried to come together on territorial planning, starting with the remarkable work done in the Senate. We are building a system that puts local elected officials back at the center of the game. As demanded by the Socialists and the Greens, we want to make the most of the already built-up areas for installing renewable energies: rooftops, car parks, railways and along the river. tracks… And we are working on creating a renewable energy intermediary proposed by environmentalists.

PS group president Boris Vallaud wants more guarantees to protect agricultural areas. What do you think ?
We maintain a narrow definition of “agrivoltaism”. It is a source of additional income. But a farmer should remain a farmer, not become an energy producer. The installation of photovoltaic panels must contribute to its agricultural activity, for example by shading the plants, and in no case reduce production.

What will happen after this ad

What will happen after this ad

EDF has a commitment to results

He wants a fund for energy renovation of apartments, benefiting municipalities in connection with the installation of wind turbines. Do you agree?
In the Senate, we have created a fund so that municipalities can finance the fight against climate change, including heating repairs.

Will spatial planning and mediation be enough to overcome local opposition?
Local elected officials are very keen to promote renewable energies. They clearly understood that it was a matter of attractiveness for their territory and the future competitiveness of their company. And we’ll take into account areas that are already building more renewable energy than others.

On Wednesday, you met Luc Remont, CEO of EDF. What did you say to him?
EDF has a commitment to results. The company must make every effort to produce the electricity we need in maximum safety.

Have you received the guarantee of restarting the 20 nuclear reactors (out of 56) that have been shut down yet?
Luc Remont arrived ten days ago, I’ll give him time to settle in! It depends on operational excellence in power plant management and guaranteeing the preservation of our hydraulic power, which will allow us to overcome consumption peaks.

Écowatt Rouge proclaims that we must act, not cut

The coal-fired power station at Saint-Avold (Moselle) has just been commissioned, although it is not yet too cold. Is this a bad sign?
No way! It was planned, we start all the hardware to spend the winter. And I refuse to give up: even in extreme cold, it is possible to take measures to avoid power outages, that’s what the Ecowatt red signal is for! In these times, if large companies follow through on their prudential plan commitments, it will make all the difference. I will not understand that they do not keep their promises. 37 of the CAC 40 are registered. The same for state and local authorities, which will reduce the temperature in offices to 18 degrees with Ecowatt red. I call everyone to be responsible.

The government is reporting possible power outages. Aren’t we playing to be scared?
We have a responsibility to work with the Prime Minister on the most extreme scenarios. The more prepared we are, the better we will be able to face all situations. I don’t let the weather dictate the terms of our winter. And I repeat: dropping the load is the last resort! Écowatt Rouge proclaims that we must act, not cut. We have levers: voltage reduction in networks, load shedding, consumption reduction and switching… At Ecowatt Rouge, the main carriers turn off their advertising screens. I invite all French people to download the app to follow this energy “weather forecast” and benefit from tips to reduce their consumption.

The result of the cuts will be the impossibility of telephone and Internet access. What to do in an emergency?
We do our best to limit the influence of anyone. Telecom companies are vital organizations: I expect them to implement business continuity plans. In all cases the prefects work together with RTE, Enedis and the operators to ensure as much as possible access to the emergency number 112. It is this emergency number that should be used as a priority.

No area will be treated differently: load shedding is possible in Paris

Given the number of sensitive sites being freed up in Paris, the rest of the area is at risk of being exploited even more… Shall we switch off Loser to illuminate the Eiffel Tower?
The city of Paris has taken decisions to reduce public lighting, especially in the case of Ecowatt rouge. The topic is not Paris, but critical centers: we will not turn off hospitals, whether in the capital, Lens or Rodez! The same goes for places associated with law enforcement or firefighters. We are not going to cut off the support centers located in the suburbs while those responsible for the electricity network are managing the crisis covering the entire area… Let’s not get caught up in the demagoguery of some oppositionists who feed on the welfare of the people. fears. In principle, no area will be treated differently: load shedding is possible in Paris.

According to Marianne, some hydroelectric power stations are not excluded, especially in potential load-shedding zones in the Alps. Do you approve? What results?
Each prefect draws up a list of priority places in his department: they are the best place to do this. It is possible that one or more hydropower plants are not included in these lists. For example, because these dams benefit from another means of supply, the generator, which ensures continuity and security of service. Of course, we will need all of our energy production capabilities.

Do we have an idea of ​​the impact of vigilance measures across sectors on our energy consumption?
Energy consumption has decreased: – 6% of electricity compared to a normal year, taking into account weather changes. Gas consumption observed since August 1 is 17% less than the average of the last five years [non corrigée]. The French are also mobilizing: in October alone, the number of Tempo contracts at EDF increased by more than 10% in October.

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